Scanning Documents

Students can access the photocopiers scanning facility at JCU from any photocopier throughout the campuses and the library.

  1. Simply log into the photocopier by swiping your student ID card.
  2. Place one document into the feeder tray (ensure all staples are removed) then select 'Email'.
  3. Your JCU email address is automatically listed. Select paper size (e.g. A4) if required.
  4. Select if the document is 1 sided or 2 sided.
  5. Press 'Start/Enter' to commence the scanning process. The document will automatically be scanned to your JCU email address as a PDF including all pages within the document.
  6. On a computer please open the file and rename the document: For example 'JCU Confidentiality Acknowledgement'.
  7. Repeat the process for all required documents.
  8. Using your JCU email please attach your renamed documents and email to
  9. Please include a student signature in the body of your email, for example:
Student Full Name | Year Level, Course Name (study mode: Internal/ External)
Student number 
James Cook University | Campus Location