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Doceri is an iPad interactive annotator and whiteboard with screencast recorder and built in Wireless Remote Desktop Control. In practical terms this means you will be able to control the desktop PC from your iPad with the added ability to annotate and record your session. Doceri is available from Semester 1, 2013 on all Desktop PCs (GATCF computers) in JCU common teaching rooms.

For more visit Doceri Website

Set up on desktop PC

Set up desktop PC
Log in to the desktop PC (JCU credentials)
Search for Doceri in the desktop PC - launch and accept the software licence agreement to continue
Your username will be shown - enter a password for the Doceri session, e.g. 1234, confirm and click OK

doceri desktop password
The following screen is shown on the desktop PC

connection dashboard

The desktop PC’s IP address is shown below the computer name. The black and white pattern to the right is the QR code. Click the “Need help connecting” for some helpful hints
Desktop PC connected
ipad connected to desktop horisontal

Set up on iPad

Set up iPad
Connect to Eduroam wireless network
Download Doceri from the App store and launch it
Choose “through a computer” from the two of options.

doceri ipad
Select a desktop Doceri PC - AVPCDA9002 showing

select doceri desktop
Touch the + sign and type in the Host Address of the desktop PC (the address can be found on the desktop PC screen) e.g. and press save – you will be asked to enter the password (the same as you used when setting up Desktop PC for the Doceri session above).
ipad add result
Touch the camera icon located on the bottom left hand corner of the iPad to scan the QR code on the desktop PC – after a successful scan you will be asked to enter the password (the same as you used when setting up the Desktop PC for the Doceri session above).
ipad select using camera
Press the remembered desktop PC if there is one. This will only work if that particular computer has the same IP address and is set up on the Desktop PC by the same username and password combination as last time.

ipad remembered desktop
iPad connected
ipad connected to pc portrait