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Work Health and Safety Committees

JCU has a number of consultative mechanisms for work health and safety, including a framework of committees and elected Health and Safety Representatives.

A new committee structure was established in 2014 to replace the former Health and Safety Committee (HSC) framework and structure consisting of level 1, 2 and 3 HSCs, which were disestablished.

As part of the new committee structure, each Division formed a Work Health and Safety committee with agreed terms of reference, membership and business schedules.

JCU’s Work Health and Safety committees play an integral role in promoting safe working practices and environments by facilitating cooperation between management and staff in the development, review and resolution of health and safety issues, and in developing and carrying out measures to ensure health and safety at JCU.

For further information, please see the JCU Policy and Procedures for Work Health and Safety.

Structure of JCU Health, Safety and Environment committees and consultation

Structure of JCU Work Health and Safety committees and consultation.

Terms of Reference and Meeting Records

The role of the Work Health and Safety Advisory Committee (WHSAC) is to provide an advisory function to the Vice Chancellor on matters relating to health and safety at JCU.

For meeting dates, membership, terms of reference and current and past meeting papers, please visit the JCU Governance website.