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Mobile Phone and Wireless Data Information

James Cook University has contracted Telstra to supply and connect our mobile telephony and data services.

Plans for Mobile Services

Mobile Phone Plan - $40 per month
This plan includes $40 call allowance and 200MB data allowance

Mobile Data Services Plan - $35 per month
This plan includes 5GB data allowance

What Types of Devices are Available & How Much Do They Cost?

For a list of devices and prices email ictoffice@jcu.edu.au JCU is not permitted to publish prices on the web.

Purchasing Mobile Equipment & Services

To purchase mobile handsets and accessories, mobile data devices and accessories or request a SIM card, please complete the Requisition for Mobile Services Form. Email the completed form to ictoffice@jcu.edu.au .

Checking Your Usage

It is recommended that users download the Telstra 24x7 app onto their mobile device so that usage can be monitored.

International Roaming

Before you travel overseas email ictoffice@jcu.edu.au to check if your mobile device has International Roaming enabled.  International Roaming is not included in our standard plans.
Using data while overseas will cost you $3 per MB. There are International Roaming packs and plans available to help you manage call charges and data rates. The link below has some important information that you should read before travelling.

If you are overseas and require assistance please call the International Helpdesk +61 439125109.

Important information that you should read before travelling

Support for Mobile Phones

The IT Service Delivery staff can offer support for mobile telephony that is purchased as part of the JCU Corporate Fleet with Telstra. Support is not offered for privately owned mobiles or work mobiles that are not purchased as part of the JCU Telstra Fleet. If you require assistance please log an IT service request through JCU Service Now or email ITHelpdesk@jcu.edu.au.


Contact ictoffice@jcu.edu.au for advice if you are having problems with equipment that is not working properly and is still under warranty.  Please ensure you have disabled the 'Find My Phone' feature before sending for repair.

Broken Screens

Unfortunately, if you drop your phone and the screen cracks it will void the warranty. You will need to arrange to have the repair done through a local repairer.

Lost or Stolen Mobile

If your handset is lost or stolen during business hours (8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday) you should immediately contact the ICT Office by emailing ictoffice@jcu.edu.au or calling x14545 or x13637.

Outside business hours please call Telstra's Service Delivery Team directly on 1800 730 062, option 3, option 5 and they will place a block on the phone number.

Cancellation of any Mobile Service

Please email ictoffice@jcu.edu.au to cancel any services that are no longer required.

Staff Moves & Changes

If you or a member of your staff transfer to a position in another College/Directorate/Unit you must contact  ictoffice@jcu.edu.au to advise the change of account code or arrange to have the service cancelled. If ICT are not advised, the service will remain active and the monthly charges will continue to be charged to the service.

Leaving JCU & Want to Take Your Phone Number With You?

If you are leaving JCU and intend taking your mobile phone number with you, email ictoffice@jcu.edu.au for advice. ICT will provide the necessary paperwork that will allow you to transfer your mobile number off the JCU Corporate Account.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Any unused or broken devices can be sent to ICT for recycling. We currently donate old devices to the Cerebral Palsy League who receive a small donation for recycling the devices.

Contacts and Useful Information

If you have any questions you can email ictoffice@jcu.edu.au or phone ICT Office on x14545 or x13637.