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Your passwords are the keys to your digital identity and all that you access using that identity. Most of us have multiple online identities, banking, online shopping, social media, and your JCU account to name a few.

With Cybercrime becoming more of a problem, you should be using a different secure password for each of your accounts. Remembering multiple complex passwords is not viable, so use a Password Manager instead – a tool that does this for you, so you just have to remember one password, to secure your online life.

Technology Solutions have tested LastPass and Bitwarden and recommends the free version of these programs to all JCU staff and students to keep your passwords secure.

What is a Password Safe or Password Manager?

Password managers are available for computers and mobile devices, designed to simplify and secure your online identity.  With a password manager, you will only need to remember one password to log into the app, and it remembers all your other passwords for you.

Hackers break into computers by guessing passwords.  A strong password provides essential protection from identity theft.  Hackers also steal passwords and try them against other sites, which is why you should use different passwords for each site.  LastPass and Bitwarden are tools that can help you manage your passwords securely.  Remember, cybersecurity is everyone's business!

LastPass and Bitwarden:

  • support all major browsers and platforms,
  • provide a secure vault to store passwords and information,
  • allow access from multiple devices,
  • automatically generate and fill passwords,
  • and support multi-factor authentication.

Note: If you forget the password to your Password safe account, ​​​​​​​JCU can not recover your password, ​​​​​​​only YOU can do this!