Software Supplier Agreements and Offers

JCU have a number of campus-wide contractual agreements with a range of vendors, which enable the University to provide software to JCU staff and/or students. Each of these Agreements has its own Terms and Conditions that define how we can distribute these software products and to whom they can be distributed.

Colleges and Divisions may also have volume or individual licensing arrangements with Software Vendors for Software Applications that are aligned with a specific business, teaching, learning or research needs within their areas. Your College or Office should be able to provide you with this information.

A number of Software Applications that are licensed by Colleges are made available to specific subject groups when students/staff associated with those subject groups login to the computers that are located in the Computer Rooms, Library Buildings and Common Teaching Rooms.

Current agreements include:

Work at Home Rights – The Terms and Conditions of the Agreement allow the installation of this Software Product on a personally owned computer, please refer to the individual software license agreements for details. The software must be used for JCU purposes only.

Singapore Campus is not covered by most of the Software Vendor Agreements negotiated in Australia. Software Vendors require a separate Agreement for off-shore campuses. Singapore Campus has negotiated an Agreement with NVIVO with the same Terms and Conditions that exist for our on-shore campuses. Microsoft and Adobe Agreements include Singapore Campus.

New software site license requests

Requests for new Site License agreements should be made through the DAC (Digital Advisory Committee).