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Technology Services (TS) at James Cook University (JCU) provides essential IT Services and support to the JCU community.  We aim to make sure that your experience with information and communication technology at JCU, meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Technology Solutions (aka IT Services) at JCU consists of 6 main Business Units or service areas.  An overview of each service is provided in the Quick Guide to ICT Services and ICT staff members in each area are listed in the Who's Who in ICT. For a broader view of the organisation please refer to the ICT Organisation Chart or  Policies and Procedures.

The Application Services (AS) Unit is responsible for the corporate application support needs of the University. Its prime responsibility is to work corporate application owners to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the University’s information systems.

Its functions include:

  • Installation support for the implementation and upgrade of corporate systems;
  • Middleware and integration support for corporate systems;
  • Authentication systems management;
  • Identity management;
  • Active Directory management;
  • Email and Calendar management;
  • Development and maintenance of corporate web applications;
  • Identification of data integrity issues with corporate data and liaising with application owners on resolving them;
  • Advice to potential corporate application owners and ICTAC on the selection and provision of packages to meet corporate information management.

The Enterprise Architecture, Strategy & Risk unit provides strategic ICT guidance and support to the University as a whole, individual business areas, and ICT projects. This includes the development and management of strategic ICT plans, employing appropriate enterprise-level approaches to the development and execution of these plans, and ensuring that the ongoing development and operation of the University's virtual infrastructure results in a secure, robust, and effective set of business-technology capabilities.

Specifically, the unit has responsibilities for the following functions:

  • Development of the JCU ICT Blueprint and related strategies
  • Development and ongoing management of the JCU Enterprise Architecture
  • Consulting and guidance on the selection and implementation of information systems
  • Provision of Solution Architecture services to ICT Projects
  • Development and maintenance of the JCU Information Security Roadmap
  • Coordination of all Information Security activities including project and solution Information Security reviews
  • ICT Risk Management oversight

Cyber Security

The ICT Project Office (ICTPO) provides planning and execution services to deliver all University ICT Projects.

Planning services typically include development of roadmaps for key ICT assets and business cases to support investment, prioritisation and sequencing of activities including budgeting.

Execution services include design, build and configuration, testing, deployment of ICT solutions and associated change management and transition activities including business process changes.

The JCU ICT Projects Office has been established to provide a structured framework for planning, execution and deployment of all University ICT Projects. The ICTPO has carriage over the Project Management Methodology (PMM), based on the principles of PRINCE2© project management methodology.  The key accountabilities of the ICTPO are to:

  • Maintain the ICTAC approved definition of a ‘University ICT Project’, and therefore define which activities fall within ICTPO’s responsibility
  • Ensure adoption and adherence to the PMM, including continual improvement of the methodology
  • Ensuring clear roles and responsibilities for project governance exists including roles such as the project sponsor, the project board and project manager.
  • Provide the framework for identifying project benefits and in support of the Project Sponsor, create benefits realisation plans
  • Work collaboratively with the Enterprise Architecture and ICT Strategy team who have carriage of identifying appropriate JCU ICT solution options and recommendations
  • Regularly report the status of the ICT Advisory Committee portfolio to the Committee, monitoring issues, risk and change control

The ICTPO consists of teams of project managers, business analysts and a dedicated change manager and technical team lead.  The teams work closely with the business as the vehicle for successful achievement of change and improved business outcomes.

Further information of the role of the ICTPO can be found the ICT Projects Office Charter


Network Systems aims to provide communication mediums, for the interaction and collaboration of business and learning outcomes to the JCU community, other learning institutes, research institutes and the public.

Networking Systems is responsible for networking and telephony services for the University.
The unit covers three main disciplines:

Data Networks

The Network Section is headed by the Manager Communications Systems and Architecture.

We have six full-time staff based at JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas and two staff members based on the JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield with full responsibility for the communications network. We collaborate with the Singapore staff to align strategies and support opportunities for JCU in our international operations.

The responsibilities of this Unit are to provide and maintain the data network at all of JCU's campuses.

  • Wide Area Networking (WAN) - Connectivity between campuses and connectivity to the Internet.
  • Local Area Networking (LAN) - Inter and intra-building connectivity on the campuses and facilitation of contract services to provide the wiring of new and refurbished facilities.
  • Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) - Wireless technology for academic areas and into some residential colleges is provided and supported by the unit.
  • Network monitoring and security - Monitoring traffic on the WAN and LAN for purposes of consistent and secure service. Monitoring of traffic and changes in traffic patterns as a result of changes to the University IT services for performance tuning, capacity planning and budget formulation These services are provided from COS funding;
  • Network Infrastructure - Power utilities, Air-Conditioning, cabling and major project with respect to communications are additional responsibilities of this unit.
Wide-Area Network

JCU has two 1Gigabit/s links to the AARNet hub in Brisbane, which then connects through to the broader Internet.

JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield is connected to JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas by a 2.5Gbps Ethernet link, which also has Voice-over-IP for internal phone calls. This link carries up to 8 concurrent Video Conference sessions for teaching and administration purposes. To preserve visual and audio quality these Video Conference sessions and voice calls have priority over any other traffic.

Numerous smaller campuses are connected via Telstra managed ADSL services.

Local-Area Network
  • JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield - The network consists of two Avaya 8600s working parallel to provide a 20 Gigabit backbone connecting all the precinct Avaya 5530 Ethernet switch stacks, which then connect the edge Avaya 5520 Gigabit Ethernet switches.
  • JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas - The network consists of two Avaya 8800s working parallel to provide a 20 Gigabit backbone connecting all the precinct Avaya 5530 Ethernet switch stacks, which then connect the edge Avaya 5520 Gigabit Ethernet switches.
  • Mackay Base Hospital - The local network is connected to the rest of the JCU Network via a 100Mbps link into the Wide Area Network, connecting all campuses.
  • Cairns Base Hospital - The network consists of a Business Grade 20 Mbps IP Man link connected via The Telstra Managed service back to JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas.
  • Mount Isa - MICRRH - The network consists of a private ADSL link connected via a local ISP to the WWW.
  • JCU Thursday Island, Ngulaigau Mudh campus - The network consists of a Business Grade 10 Mbps IP Man link connected via The Telstra Managed service back to JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas.
Wireless Network

JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield and JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas have significant wireless coverage.


Communications Infrastructure

The Communications Infrastructure Section is headed by the Manager Communications Systems and Architecture. There is one full-time staff member based at Douglas campus with full responsibility for this campus. The unit is assisted by Cairns ITR staff in managing the Cairns Campus.

The responsibilities of this Unit are to coordinate the provision and maintenance of:

  • The Communications Conduit Pits and Cabling system;
  • The Main Computer Room Facilities; and
  • The Environmental Services (Air-Conditioning, Power etc) required for the communications systems.

University Voice Services

The Voice Services Unit is headed by the Manager Communications Systems and Architecture. We have one full-time technical staff, the Manager Voice Services based at the Douglas campus and a technician at the Cairns Campus.

Systems and Storage

Systems & Storage Services provisions and maintains the ICT infrastructure and systems that support of all Corporate, Collaborative, and High Performance Computing services provided to/for the JCU Community.

Systems & Storage Services is responsible for the design, architecture and operations of all Corporate and Collaborative computing systems.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Capacity planning, evaluation, management, and maintenance of computing infrastructure - physical and virtual.
  • Installation and maintenance of operating systems, including related software or services.
  • Application and maintenance of host-based, IT security measures. This includes, but is not limited to, operating system and software patching.
  • Implementing methods for providing data protection, disaster avoidance, and disaster recovery - including backup and recovery management.
  • Electronic News and Newsgroup maintenance;
  • Advice, management and day to day service for hardware in support of general computing, high-performance computing, web, courseware and library servers;
  • Database installations, operation and service support;
  • Server Virtualisation and support;
  • AUScert;
  • Anti-Virus detection;
  • Specialist IT support to all areas of the JCU Community for any technical and operational matters.

eResearch - High Performance Computing (HPC)

The JCU eResearch Centre supports researchers, University staff, and other organisations alike through developing customised solutions.  Ask us about web collaboration, sensor networking, high performance computing, and software development.  More information about services available to researchers at JCU at the eResearch Centre. Access to HPC facilities at JCU is generally restricted to research students and staff. This includes undergraduate students engaged in research activities.

This Unit is responsible for providing IT Services & Support to James Cook University staff, students and affiliated organisations (under specific Service Level Agreements).

These services include:

  • Desktop/Laptop/Mobile Device technical support.
  • IT Help Desk Services.
  • The development & maintenance of the JCU Managed Desktop/Laptop environment for JCU owned PC and Mac computers and GATCF managed computers in Labs, Libraries and Common Teaching Rooms.
  • The maintenance of security patching and virus protection of JCU owned staff & postgraduate student’s computers, and computers located in the General Access and Teaching Computing Facilities (GATCF) Labs, Libraries and Common Teaching Rooms.
  • The negotiation and maintenance of Site Licensed Software Agreements.

Computer Labs (GATCF)

General Access & Teaching Computer Facilities (GATCF) is primarily designed to enhance the teaching and learning goals for currently enrolled students and staff of James Cook University (JCU). The facilities span 3 campuses encompassing Townsville, Cairns and Mackay, and include 866 desktop units in 35 individual facilities. Information on Computer Lab locations, opening hours and a list of software is available at General Access & Teaching Computer Facilities (GATCF).

Videoconferencing and Audiovisual services at JCU is responsible for providing services and support to AV teaching rooms, conference rooms and staff.  For a full list of services, software and guides available refer to Videoconferencing & Audiovisual Services.