Computer Rooms at JCU

Computer Rooms are primarily designed to enhance the teaching and learning goals for enrolled students and current staff of James Cook University (JCU). The facilities span all main campuses of the University, including the Libraries in Townsville and Cairns.

The Townsville and Cairns facilities are open to enrolled students and current staff, please refer to Computer Rooms Location & availability for details on lab locations, opening hours and AV equipment across campuses.


  • Maintenance and updating: Between 12pm on the last business day of December and 10am on the first business day in the start of Orientation Week in February of the subsequent year, no facility is available. This downtime is to allow sufficient time for maintenance and updating of the facilities in Townsville and Cairns.

  • Every Sunday between 1am and 6am, students and staff may experience interrupted service as this time as it is used for Computer Room desktop maintenance.

  • During academic holidays, as identified by the Academic Calendar, a minimum of one Computer Room facility is guaranteed to be available outside the maintenance period identified above in Townsville and Cairns.

  • Summer break maintenance December/January. Computer Room facilities will remain available, for general access in the Library building, during Library Opening Hours, on both Townsville and Cairns campuses as other facilities are upgraded.
    Building 2 facility in Townsville and A1.013 in Cairns will also be available for 24 hour access except for the Christmas closure period. This area will be open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday with swipe card access outside those hours. All facilities will be closed from 12pm on the last business day of December, re-opening 9am on the first business day of the New Year.

Users of the Computer Room facilities are bound generally by the Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, the following conditions of use apply.

  • These facilities are provided for the completion of University course work or research only.

  • No eating, drinking or smoking within the facilities.

  • Activities which disturb others within these facilities are forbidden.

  • Only currently enrolled students or University staff are allowed in these facilities.

  • The University bears no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen media, such as disks or USB devices, used in the facilities.

  • Backup of student files is the responsibility of that student.

  • Any system downtime for maintenance or closures will be posted on the ServiceNow Status page.

Failure to comply with the above conditions may involve limiting the access of an individual to the facility for a period, withholding of exam results or exclusion from the facilities.

Following are some tips for making the best use of Computer Room computers:

To request additional software on Computer Room computers, please submit a request through the IT Help Desk a minimum of 2 weeks prior to when the software will be required in the Labs for teaching purposes. Please include the software required and the room location.

For a list of standard software installed on both Mac and PC computers in Computer Rooms, refer to Standard Hardware & Software.

All facilities in Townsville and Cairns have telephones which allow internal calls only. The Security contact number in Townsville is 16000 and in Cairns, it is 21155.

All facilities in Townsville and Cairns are monitored by security cameras and after hours door access requires a current student or staff card for entrance and exit.

For additional information on security please refer to Security on campus.

Please report all problems or faults with Computer Room equipment via the JCU ServiceNow portal.

The following information is required when reporting problems:

  • Describe the problem
  • Room location
  • Desktop hostname or computer name - eg. D002-101-W01 (building-room-workstation). This information is usually located on the desktop of the computer, after log in.

The JCU eSport facility located in Building 4, Room 005C at JCU Townsville is available to JCU staff and students.
Please note, this space is purely for JCU gamers and does NOT have teaching software installed.

  • 24x7 swipe card access
    Except between 6-7 am and 1-2 pm for COVID cleaning.
  • 10 Alienware pro gaming computers in the common area and another 5 in the pro-competition area
  • 25” 240hz monitors
  • RTX graphics cards
  • 1GB/s downloads, and sub 40ms ping times
  • BYO console TVs for console gamers