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Mobiles and Telephony

James Cook University (JCU) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provides and supports a variety of phone-based communication options for staff, including Avaya desktop phones and mobile phones.

  • Mobile Phone and Wireless Data Information - Mobile Services available to JCU staff, phones, tablets and data packs, costs and information.
  • Teleconference Options - JCU offers several options for teleconference or conference calls: Avaya Handset (up to 6 participants), Microsoft Teams and teleconference bookings via Chorus Call.
  • Forms - Staff members can request a desk phone, purchase a mobile phone, tablet or SIM card or request or cancel a data plan.

JCU uses AVAYA desktop handsets on campus, select your phone model below to view the appropriate user guide.

Avaya 9611 handset.

Avaya 9641 handset.

Avaya 9611 HandsetAvaya 9641 Handset

Mobiles & Tablets