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IT Services Help and Support Mobiles and telephony

Mobiles and Telephony

James Cook University (JCU) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provides and supports a variety of phone-based communication options for staff, including Avaya desktop phones and mobile phones.

  • Mobile Phone and Wireless Data Information - Mobile Services available to JCU staff, phones, tablets and data packs, costs and information.
  • Teleconference Options - JCU offers several options for teleconference or conference calls: Avaya Handset (up to 6 participants), Microsoft Teams and teleconference bookings via Chorus Call.
  • Forms - Staff members can request a desk phone, purchase a mobile phone, tablet or SIM card or request or cancel a data plan.

JCU uses AVAYA desktop handsets on campus, select your phone model below to view the appropriate user guide.

Avaya 9611 HandsetAvaya 9641 Handset

Mobiles & Tablets