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IT Services Secure IT Malware and Virus Protection

Malware and Virus Protection

Malware and virus protection at JCU

When you are using a University owned device, the IT is responsible for ensuring that they are configured appropriately, in line with University security practices.

Security software (including anti-virus software) will be configured on the device. This includes all Computer Rooms and managed devices.

Malware and virus protections for personal devices

When you are on a personal device, we recommend using security software such as anti-virus/anti-malware is a good idea.

There are a number of free solutions available to personal users and you can access a comparison of Anti-Virus Vendors on Wikipedia (

Dealing with infections

For  personal devices

  1. If you haven't used a good, up-to-date anti-virus program on your computer, do that first. Many problems blamed on viruses are actually caused by software configuration errors or other problems that have nothing to do with a virus or malware.
  2. If you do get infected by a virus or malware, follow the directions in your anti-virus program for cleaning it. If you have backup copies of the infected files, use those to restore the files. Check the files you restore to make sure your backups weren't infected.

Please note that JCU ICT do not clean personal devices.

For Staff / Managed Devices and Computer Rooms

  1. If you suspect the device is infected with malware, disconnect the device from the network (including wireless). This can prevent further spread of the malware/virus.
  2. Contact the IT Help Desk. We will either be able to help you directly or refer your problem to the Desktop Support Team for further assistance.