CopyPrint is the Printing, Scanning and Copying service located on the Townsville and Cairns campuses. This service often requires your JCU card to use devices, so make sure you are carrying your ID card at all times. For information regarding acquiring a card, or misplaced cards, visit Student Cards.

Using JCU Printers

When connected to the JCU network you can connect to JCU printers from your personal laptop (Windows or MacOS), as well as from your mobile phone or tablet (iPhone or iPad and Android devices) using the PrinterOn app.

For instructions on using JCU Print Devices see the Device User Guide and refer to the JCU Wireless Guide for help connecting your personal laptop.

Costs, Payments and Your Account

CopyPrint costs are spread across a variety of paper sizes and colour options.

You can see your current balance on StudentsOnline, and you can add money to your account using the CopyPrint online payment tool or at the paystations on campus.

CopyPrint paystations are located in Townsville InfoCommons D018-001, and Cairns B1 Foyer.  EFTPOS payments of $5 and above can be made at library service desks. Your ID card is required for both methods of payment. An ATM is located outside the northern entrance of the Townsville Library.

No Refunds will be given for unused printing credit, even at the end of your study. Each student is responsible for ensuring they only pay funds into their account which they reasonably expect to use during the course of their studies at JCU.

More information regarding Costs and Payment options, or how to view your personal account balance, can be found on the CopyPrint Accounting page.

Printing Locations

CopyPrint devices for Students are located across JCU’s Townsville and Cairns Campuses. Multi-Function devices with abilities to Print Scan and Copy can be found in the following locations:


018 – Townsville Library (all floors)
002 – Computer Labs
041 – 007 Computer Lab
015 – 012 Computer Lab
034-Hallway – Outside Computer Labs
039-047 – Computer Lab
111-011 – Computer Lab
191-003 – Computer Lab
258-008 – Computer Lab
281-009 – Computer Lab
134 – Hallway
301 – Hallway


B1 - Cairns Library (all floors)
E1-014 - Computer Lab

You can find print only devices serviced by the Student-A4-Only queue in these locations:


004-005B - Computer Lab
010-001 - Computer Lab
014-209 - Computer Lab
015-003 - Computer Lab
017-035 - Computer Lab
094-203 - Computer Lab
134-119 - Computer Lab


A1-013a A1-013b - Computer Labs
A4-003 - Computer Lab
A4-008 - Computer Lab