IT Services Help and Support Accounts and passwords

Accounts and Passwords

As a student or staff member at JCU, you have access to a Computer Account providing access to facilities, systems and resources, to support your learning, teaching and research while at JCU.

Your JCU Account

Keep it secret, keep it safe!

If you have forgotten or misplaced your computer account details/password or are concerned your account has been compromised, please email the IT Help Desk.

Your JCU Account is your key to accessing JCU online services and accessing facilities, services and resources on campus.  It is your responsibility to keep your account details safe, as it enables staff and students to:

In certain cases accounts may be disabled. If you find that your account has been disabled, you should contact the IT Help Desk who will provide you with information on the process to follow  to have it re-enabled or request an extension of access be applied to it.

There are a number of reasons why your JCU computer account may be disabled. A staff members JCU computer account will be disabled according to the position termination date as recorded in the Human Resources Management Information System. That information is controlled by Human Resources.

A students JCU computer account will be disabled when Student Services records that you are no longer an enrolled student of the University and are flagged as 'absent without leave' or Withdrawn' in the Student System.

Possible reasons for any account being disabled are:

  • You are no longer an enrolled student or have a current staff appointment at James Cook University;

  • You have changed or are changing your employment or student status;

  • Your account is subject to disciplinary action.

  • Your account may be under suspicion of being compromised, stolen or hacked;

You may have to wait for the creation or re-enabling of your JCU computer account, as this requires Student Enrolments or Human Resources to update the information in their databases.

In collaboration with the Human Resources team, IT endeavors to address any delays that staff may have in relation to their JCU computer account being unavailable for use.

JCU computer accounts are created and maintained via the University's Identity Management System (IDM).  This system provides account and password synchronisation across the majority of the computing and communication services in place at the University.

  • Staff: New full-time, part-time or casual employees are automatically provisioned with a JCU Computer Account two weeks prior to their appointment commencement date entered against their position data in the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS).
  • Students: Student accounts are provisioned as part of the enrolment process.

Access to JCU Online Services is governed by the IT Access and Account Management Procedures, which outline your rights and responsibilities.

Identity data is drawn from both the Human Resources and Student Management Systems and matched to provide a single identifier for each individual. Account status, lifespan and access to systems is a superset of all access calculated from Human Resources and Student System information.


  • Undergraduate Students
    The accounts of Undergraduates are current for the year of enrolment and are extended for 6 months after course completion.
  • Postgraduate by Coursework Students
    The accounts of Postgraduates by Coursework are current for the year of enrolment and are extended for 6 months after course completion.
  • Postgraduate by Research Students
    The accounts of Postgraduates by Research are current for:
    • The year of enrolment, and are extended for 6 months after course completion.
    • Further, for at most another year post their thesis submission date.


  • Permanent Staff
    Receive a 30 day grace period after their appointment expires to finalise any outstanding email. After the 30 day grace period the account will be disabled.
  • Casual Staff
    Receive a 6 month grace period after their appointment expires to allowing for continuing access during unpaid periods. After the 6 month grace period the account will be disabled.


Students who successfully graduate from their completed course at JCU are granted Alumni status with the University and entitled to retain access to their email account. However, once you graduate you will lose access to the other benefits an enrolled student receives, like the Microsoft Office 365 Subscription and other Office apps like OneDrive etc. that form part of the student Office 365 license.


Extensions of Staff and Student accounts are handled by application for 'Post-Finishing'. Applications will be dealt with on an individual basis, but will not normally be extended for more than 7 days post the grace period unless there are extenuating circumstances and Division approval is received.

Your electronic mail address (email) is provisioned in the format of Firstname.Surname by using information from the Human Resources and/or Student Management Systems. If another person already at the University has the same name combination as you, your email address may contain a numerical designation on the end.

Staff Email

As part of their employment staff are given access to an email account to manage their business email, calendar, contacts and tasks. This account is provided for all business-related communication for the duration of employment at JCU. All incoming and outgoing email for this business account is archived which provides the protection of any information in the event of loss and ensures that business-related email is archived, searchable and recoverable to address legislative record-keeping requirements.

Student Email

Students are automatically provided with an email account once their enrolment status is in a 'course admitted' state. Your email account is integral to everyday life at the University and we encourage you to check it regularly, but be aware that there is no archiving enabled on student email accounts.

Please read the information in our Secure IT section to better understand Account and Computer Security.  Keeping your JCU computer account safe is your responsibility and misuse of accounts may incur penalties.

Your JCU Username and Password security are your responsibility so don't share it.  No JCU staff member can tell you your current password and we will never request this information from you.

Please refer to the following for additional information: