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Setting up a Remote Desktop Connection

With the Remote Desktop feature, you can remotely control a computer from another office, from home, or while travelling. This allows you to use the data, applications, and network resources that are on your office computer, without being in your office.

To use Remote Desktop, you MUST have:

  • The ability to use VPN service to connect your home computer over a safe connection to your computer at work. To do this you must have the BIG-IP Edge VPN Client installed and configured on your home computer.
    DOWNLOAD BIG-IP Edge VPN Client for JCU Windows | Mac
  • Windows 10 or 11 installed on your office computer (HOST computer) - the machine being operated remotely.  
    The Remote Desktop Connection software is pre-installed but will need to be enabled and configured before use.
  • HOST computer (your computer on the JCU campus) must be turned on.
  • Windows 10 or 11 installed on the REMOTE computer - the machine you will connect from, eg: your home PC.

Make sure that you are working over a good internet connection (1.5Mbps is the minimum bandwidth recommended), while low bandwidth connections can be used to remotely control a system, it is not recommended.

For instructions on how to configure your computer and set up RDP choose your Operating System from the list below: