IT Services Secure IT Web Safety DNS Web Page Block Notice

DNS Web Page Block Notice


You have tried to access a web page which has been restricted and we hope that we can help.

Why did I get this message?

We provide baseline general internet access for all consumers that is consistent with the JCU Codes of Conduct and ICT Acceptable Use Policy and prevents accidental/malicious use.

We do restrict access to some types of websites because it improves useability and resiliency of JCU’s corporate, research and campus further from malicious websites as well as inappropriate content. For more information please see Web Safety.

Some legitimate resources may be restricted (mis-categorisation for example) and that is not the intention. We are in full support of providing access for our academic, student, corporate, colleges, guests, partners and clinical practices.

Requesting Access or Reporting an Issue

Requests to access or errors can be directed to the IT Help Desk in the first instance and we will respond as quickly as possible to your needs. Please include as much information about the resource you are trying to access including:

  • JCU Username
  • Website  / URL
  • Location (Campus etc.)
  • Date and Time
  • IP Address (if known)
  • Computer (if owned by JCU)