CopyPrint Accounting

Costs for printing and copying using James Cook University (JCU) CopyPrint services are dependent on paper size and colour combinations.

For assistance with connecting your Personal Laptop, your JCU ID Card, or your Print Balance please contact the IT Help Desk.


Costs for printing and copying at JCU are as follows:

Black Single – $0.07 Black Single – $0.08
Black Duplex - $0.13 Black Duplex - $0.15
Colour Single - $0.14 Colour Single - $0.16
Colour Duplex $0.27 Colour Duplex $0.31
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Your CopyPrint Account

You can view your current balance, and last 90 days of print jobs on StudentsOnline by:

  1. Log in to your CopyPrint Account.
  2. Your balance and last 90 days of print jobs will be displayed.

You can also view your balance at any MFD device by:

  1. Authenticate at an MFD Device by swiping your JCU ID Card.
  2. Select View Print Jobs.

This will display your currently queued print jobs and your balance.


You can add funds to your CopyPrint account via online payment or at the Cash Machines located in the 24 hour sections of Townsville and Cairns Libraries.

Note:The minimum transaction for an online payment into your CopyPrint Account is $5 and the maximum the system will allow is $250.

Making Cash Machine Payments

  1. Locate the Cash Machine at your Campus (D018 24 Hour Commons Townsville/ B1 Foyer Cairns).
  2. Insert then remove your Student ID Card.
  3. Add Payment of Coins or Notes into the appropriate slots.
  4. Press # to end.

Making Online Payments

  1. Log in to your CopyPrint Account.
  2. Click Add funds to your print account online.
  3. The CopyPrint online form will be displayed:

    Student ID: enter your JCU Student ID number
    Date of Birth: enter your Date of Birth
    Email: enter your email address for receiving your receipt
    Amount: enter the Amount you wish to add to your CopyPrint Account.

    CopyPrint Form

  4. Click Add to Cart, your cart will display your CopyPrint transaction.
  5. To proceed with payment click Process Payment.
  6. Now click on Visa or MasterCard.

    Payment Method
  7. Enter your Credit Card Details and click on Pay Now.

If successful, you should see a Payment Complete notification and be presented with a Tax Invoice / Receipt for your transaction.