Staff Email @ JCU

All current JCU staff have access to M365 (Microsoft Office 365) which includes a JCU Staff Email account.

The login for your M356 account is your email address ( and your current password.

If you are unsure of your email address or password please contact the IT Help Desk.

Important information

Access to email via M365 is provided for your use in a professional capacity while employed at JCU. Please read the following:

Access to your JCU M365 account, including staff email will be terminated 30 days after your employment at JCU ceases.

All staff can access Email from home, work or overseas via M365 online, you will need an internet connection before accessing your JCU staff email account.

Staff can use M365 online or a supported email client to access their staff email. Supported email clients include Outlook 2013 or 2016 for PC and Outlook 2013 for Mac.

If you wish to have Outlook set-up on your JCU staff computer please contact the IT Help Desk via the Self Service Portal.

Each staff member has a 100GB email quota, mail, calendar(s), tasks and contacts all count towards your quota usage.

If the amount of data stored in your email account exceeds your quota you will be sent a warning message, as a reminder to delete old emails.

How to check your quota

  1. Log in to your JCU Staff Email account online
  2. Navigate to Settings > Mail > General > My Account to see your current mailbox usage.

There are a number of email aliases and lists provided by JCU to promote communication between units or with students. You can find these on the Contacts page.

Spam is unsolicited email, usually sent in bulk. Microsoft provides a full virus and spam scanning service for all Office 365 mailboxes.

For information on spam along with guidelines for naming and safely opening attachments see: Email Spam and Attachments Guide.

The University uses Windows Defender (SCEP) Anti-Virus Software to check all incoming and outgoing email messages.  Defender (SCEP) is installed on all JCU owned computers, Windows Defender is also available by default on all personal computers running Windows 10.  For more information on viruses and anti-virus software, please read our Computer Virus Guide.

As a JCU Staff member you have access to LinkedIn Learning, login with your JCU staff email address and password if prompted!  LinkedIn Learning is a wealth of information containing tutorials and self-paced activities that will enable you to master Outlook for the PC or Mac.  
The following courses may be of interest:

Please log a job via the Self Service Portal and one of the JCU IT Support team will be happy to assist you further.