Subject Outline Template

The Subject Outline Template represents the minimum requirements for all JCU Subject Outlines.

The 2023 version is available

Download template

The yellow highlighted text in the downloadable template file indicates text changes from the 2022 Subject Outline Template.

JCU Australia:

  • 2023 Subject Outline with compulsory black text and Subject Coordinator instructions in brown text - download file (DOCX, 245 KB)

JCU Singapore:

If you require the 2022 version, please contact [email protected].

Or, try the new Subject Outline Generator

For 2023, Technology Solutions have introduced a Subject Outline Generator. This tool inserts content already stored in CSDB, TRDB and Contact Details into a generated subject outline file. We expect it will save you time and improve accuracy and consistency.

Want to try out the new tool? Head over to the guide.

Subject Outline Generator Guide

Before publishing the subject outline to LearnJCU, ensure:

  • All instructions are removed from the document
  • Highlighting is removed and any red text is converted to black
  • The Table of Contents has been refreshed to reflect updates
  • Filename is 'Subject Outline <insert Subject name>'
  • Filename does not include any special characters (e.g. - ^ & _ * < : >)

By setting the filename as advised, will ensure the Subject Outline is captured in reporting.

When developing a subject outline, refer to the assessment methods.

Colleges and disciplines may choose to provide additional information to students, or make minor alterations to the format, however, the core information provided in the template is mandatory for all subjects.

The subject outline procedure and subject outline template are informed by TEQSA's Higher Education Standards Framework and the following James Cook University policies: