CEE TEL Design Accommodations and Exceptions

Accommodations and Exceptions

Making AccessAbility adjustments in LearnJCU

There are three types of changes you can make to a student’s assessment conditions:

  • Accommodations
  • Exceptions
  • Exemptions

Exemptions are not currently used by AccessAbility, so won’t be covered here.

  • Change applies to a student throughout the subject
  • Timer and Due date changes can be applied to assessments, tests, discussion boards, and journals
  • Commonly used to adjust the time a student has to complete a timed test or exam.

Example percentage adjustments for timed assessments

Additional time required

Additional time as a percentage of an hour (rounded up to a whole number as recommended by AccessAbility)

5 minutes per hour


10 minutes per hour


15 minutes per hour


20 minutes per hour


25 minutes per hour


30 minutes per hour



  • Change applies to the individual student only for a particular assessment
  • Can be applied to assessments and tests
  • Cannot be applied to graded discussion boards or journals

Changes to due date settings can have additional considerations to assessments using specific settings:

  • Tests using Prohibit late submissions or Prohibit new attempts after due date will have those settings overridden by a due date exception or accommodation for that student.
  • Anonymous grading – submission may not be anonymous if submitted after marks posted for other students
  • Peer review assessment – this process requires students to respond to each other’s submission. One student submitting later can affect other student’s ability to complete the task or receive feedback.