Showcasing Teaching Excellence

Discover how JCU’s exceptional educators are surpassing traditional teaching methods and boundaries.

The projects below detail techniques that have a specific emphasis on experiential learning, student agency and technology-enhanced learning. Read on to learn about these exciting efforts to foster deeper understanding and nurture student success.

An innovative curriculum for medical students

“Give Them Fondue!” is the coming together of Dr Zafar Smith's reflections on transforming medical students’ learning experiences. His program design supports the transition to the clinical years with an innovative curriculum, narrative learning tools and role-playing activities related to Emergency Medicine.

Dr Zafar Smith's nomination for the JCU Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning earned him both the distinguished award and the overall JCU Teaching Excellence Award for 2021. His achievements in transforming curriculum were further recognised through a 2022 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning through the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT).

Read more about Dr Smith’s successful AAUT nomination (PDF, 350 KB).

Integrated assessment design across core subjects

Dr Rhian Morgan and Lisa Moody present a compelling case study showcasing the enhancement of students' digital literacy skills by seamlessly integrating assessment practices across various subjects. Their approach involves the practical application and evaluation of these skills within multiple subjects and contexts. The result is that students receive amplified feedback, with multiple opportunities to action this and improve.

The interplay of assessment across subjects fosters engagement and provides students with a dynamic exploration of the roles, potential, and ramifications of technologies. Students understand the applications across academic pursuits,  research, communication, and self-directed learning – all of which contribute to their success in university studies.

More videos showcasing teaching excellence at JCU are coming soon...