Student Netiquette: Using Collaborate

We all expect respect

The following netiquette infographic can be shared with students. It includes the following suggestions:

  1. Wear what you would for class
  2. Remove or silence all distractions
  3. Sit in a well-lit space and be mindful of your background
  4. Be on time, be prepared
  5. Use earphones with a microphone
  6. Say Hi when you arrive
  7. Mute your microphone when not speaking
  8. Turn your camera on/off as needed
  9. Use the 'raise hand' feature when you have a question or wish to talk
  10. Use the 'chat' function to ask or answer a question
  11. Make room for everyone to have a chance to speak
  12. Use the same professional language you would in a F2F class
  13. Remember your classes are being recorded
  14. Be patient, be kind, be respectful
  15. All students must adhere to the JUC student code of conduct.

JCU Student Netiquette: Using Collaborate

Netiquette Infographic (PDF, 529 KB)