CEE Assessment@JCU Assessment Case Studies

Assessment Case Studies

The following case studies provide examples of how teaching staff design, build, facilitate and grade assessment. It also explores the opportunities they gained, challenges they faced, technologies used, and tips from which others can learn.

CEE sincerely thanks the academics who generously shared their assessment expertise and experiences to enhance JCU’s collective knowledge base about this fundamental aspect of learning and teaching.

Pecha Kucha Style

Dr Clare Fenwick

Transforming oral presentations to Pecha Kucha style. Making the assessment task more engaging for students and  more efficient to mark.

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Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills

Dr Rhian Morgan

Enhancing Pathway students' digital literacy skills through integrated assessment design across core subjects.

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A Tutor's Journey

Jennifer Francis

A tutor's journey of designing online assessment.

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Reflection Through Collaboration

Dr Abraham Francis

Provoking social work students to develop clinical and critical perspective via a collaborative process of reflection and engagement.

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Increasing Authenticity

Dr David Simcock

Increasing the authenticity of assessment for first-year nurses in a clinical subject.

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Multi-modal Assessment

Alan Ramsay

Using multi-modal assessment to link learning with Nursing students' evolving professional self.

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Challenges Using Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts

Claire Hansen and Roger Osborne

Challenges using blogs, vlogs and podcasts for assessment in a first-year English Literature subject.

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