CEE Data & Evaluation Learning Data@JCU

Learning Data@JCU

Data from LearnJCU and existing JCU information systems is integrated and extracted to create a series of learning analytics reports for academic staff to focus on real-time learning, teaching and student engagement.

  • Subject averages
  • College averages
  • Accesses, interactions, minutes and submissions
  • Students' last access date
  • Activity and grades comparison
  • Data is refreshed every 24 hours
  • Interactions are used as a proxy for engagement
  • Grade Centre must be setup correctly to get quality data
  • Consider the many ways students engage with LearnJCU
  • Time in minutes is relevant to online activities
  • Submissions in LearnJCU are anything a student adds to a subject site

The Learning Analytics Process

The main purpose or focus of learning analytics is “the application of analytics approaches to gain insight into educational data to improve teaching and learning” (Buckingham Shum & McKay, 2018, p. 26). The following visual was adapted from Lal (2014), who in turn, drew on the seminal work of researchers, such as, Campbell & Oblinger (2007) and Siemens (2013).

Learning Analytics Process - Capture Data - Structure and Aggregate - Analyse - Display & Visualise - Action - Refine
  1. Capture Data
    Learning Management System (LMS) 
    Student Information System (SIS)
    Course Management System (CMS)
    Other data
  2. Structure and Aggregation
    Data integration
    Data aggregation
  3. Analyse
    Statistical analysis
    Data mining analysis
    Social network analysis
    Qualitative analysis
  4. Display and Visualise
  5. Action
    (What? So what? Now what?)
  6. Refine


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