Academic Standing

Provides the students current status: Good Standing, At Risk, Conditional, Statement Required, Suspended, Excluded

Activity type

Student’s online activity inside a LearnJCU subject, e.g. Interactions, Minutes, Subject Accesses

Activity and Grade Scatter Plot

Report providing a visual scatter plot showing each students activity and grade result compared to all students in the subject

Class Level

Selectable field that enables the user to choose what level of subjects are searched, e.g. 1 = first year subjects, 2 = second year subject etc.


Field to refine search to a specific College

Compare to

Field to select what group to compare search to, e.g. Enrolled Course, Academic Standing, Academic Level etc.

Content, Tools or Assessment

Items contained inside a LearnJCU subject that are used to measure and explain student activity


Shows a specific view of report data designed for a specific audience


Field to refine search to a specific Division

Exception Report

Report providing a list of students that have not either logged in, achieved a certain grade or made a given number of submissions

Final Grade

Final % in subject grade centre – appears when results are finalised

Final Grade Letter

Final subject award letter centre – appears when results are finalised

Grade Centre Score

Current % in subject grade centre

Grade condition

parameter to be selected in conjunction with a number amount in the Grade Centre Exception Report: > greater than,  >= greater or equal to , < less than, <= less than or equal to, equals


Student clicks and activity in a LearnJCU subject

LearnJCU Subject

Subject in LearnJCU either current or past


A drop down menu to refine search to, e.g. Graduate Diploma, Bachelor Pass, etc.


Student login to LearnJCU subject


Number of minutes the student has spent in a LearnJCU subject


Subject delivery, e.g. Internal, External, Limited, Block etc.


Current information in LearnJCU subject (up to and including last 24 hours

Student Information System (SIS)

Data Warehouse at JCU that provides information to Blackboard Analytics for Learn

Student Management System (SMS)

Data Warehouse at JCU that provides information to Blackboard Analytics for Learn

Study Period

Semester during a calendar year with a numerical value

Subject Accesses

The number of times a student accesses a LearnJCU subject during a study period

Subject Analytics

The name of the section in the Control Panel of a LearnJCU subject that provides four integrated reports about Student activity in that subject

Subject Code

JCU subject code, e.g. 15-ED1401-TSV-INT


Defined as anything a student adds to a LearnJCU subject, e.g. Blog Post, Discussion post, upload to Safe Assign

Submission type

Field to choose a specific submission for search, e.g. Blog, Test, etc.


Field to select the year of study in a search