CEE TEL Design Org Sites - Editing Users

Organisations - editing users

Adding or removing users in your LearnJCU Organisation site (formerly known as Communities)

If you are an 'Organisation leader' here is how you can edit users in your LearnJCU Organisation.

Once you are logged in to LearnJCU:

  1. Go to Tools (left-hand menu)
  2. Select 'My Organisations'
  3. Find your Organisation and click on the text 'Edit Users'
  4. On this screen you can check boxes next to users you wish to unenrol and then click on the 'Submit' button (bottom-right)
  5. You can also change users' roles by clicking on the drop-up box and selecting a new role
  6. To add users, click on the button 'Add Users' (top-left)
  7. Add username (which is their JC number), add multiple by separating with a comma
  8. Click on button 'Add' (bottom right)
  9. You will see confirmation of the user/s you have added.