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Learning Data@JCU informs continuous improvement strategy in learning, teaching and the student experience.

Learning Data@JCU uses a software program that extracts and integrates staff, student and organisational data from existing University information systems to create a series of new reports and dashboards for staff with a focus on real-time learning, teaching and student engagement within LearnJCU managed subjects.

Learning analytics classifies information in a particular way to enable comparisons across the university and the reporting of trends.

Content, Tools and Assessment

‘For more information on available reports, please refer to Learning Data@JCU Guides


Student interactions within LearnJCU are used as a proxy for engagement. When viewing student activity data it is important to consider the many ways that students may engage with LearnJCU, for example, reading a document online compared to downloading the document and reading offline. It is therefore important to consider the various types of activity data too.  Within learning analytics, activity is recoded as accesses, interactions, minutes and submissions.

Merged subject sites

If you have different modes of a subject offered in single merged LearnJCU subject site, learning analytics selects one mode to enable comparisons.

Level 1 Subject Reports

These reports focus on activity and design of a single LearnJCU subject. Staff can access the reports through the Pie Chart graphic in the top left hand corner or the Books and Tools menu on the left hand side. For more information on the reports go to the PDF section on the previous page.

Level 2 Reports

These reports provide further detail about Student activity across multiple subjects, eg. students in a course that have not logged into one or more of their LearnJCU sites in the previous seven days.  Access to these reports is controlled through a delegations policy.

Level 3 Customised Reports and Dashboards

Customised reports and dashboards are built upon request. Send requests via email to the Learning Data Specialist, contact details on the previous page.

Within Analytics security/access restrictions to the Level 1 Subject Reports described above are in alignment with the security/access restrictions currently in place for the data in the originating systems (LearnJCU, Teaching Roles Database, and Student Management System). That is, the information provided in the reports is information that staff within the subjects are already able to access.

There is lots to learn about using and understanding learning analytics for LearnJCU. Review the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like further information, please contact:

Dr Elena Konovalov
Learning Data Analyst 
Education Division
Phone:  (07) 4232 1339
Email:  Learning Analytics