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LearnJCU Known Issues

Issues that are detected within our virtual learning environments are listed here and include workarounds.

Affected: Ultra subjects

If a title of an assignment or test includes an emoji the Respondus dashboard will not open and students will receive an error.

Affected: Staff and Students
Description:When using Firefox on JCU-controlled computers the Panopto Subject Video Folder, accessed via Books and Tools in LearnJCU, will not display any video content or navigation options.
Workaround:Use Chrome.
Affected: Students submitting group assignments

When submitting a group assignment students will sometimes receive an error that their 'name is not on the list' and they will not be able to proceed.

Workaround:Create a new group and move the impacted students into it will allow them to submit.
Affected: Educators using the inline marking tool (Annotate) and students viewing the document within LearnJCU

When a document is to LearnJCU and is shown within the page the way it displays may not reflect the actual formatting within the document. Certain elements, such as fonts, styling, footnotes, page numbers and tables may not render correctly or at all.

Workaround:Download the original document by clicking the three dots above the in-line grader and selecting 'Download Original File'. All files can be downloaded in bulk in order to save time. 

PDFs are not impacted by this issue.
Affected: Lecturers of Ultra subjects

After a link to a Panopto video has been added to the content area, and the title is edited to include an emoji the link will fail to play the video.

Videos embedded in Ultra documents still work and removing the emoji will make the video linked in the content area work again.


All users


Emailed copies of Announcements appear as usual, but the View Announcement button doesn’t open the Announcement in the subject or organisation.  Fix expected early September.


Staff and Students


When accessing Collaborate sessions or recordings using Google Chrome, a purple spinning wheel appears and no further action occurs.


Use a different web browser (not Google Chrome).

Technical issue not listed?

This page was updated on: 17 Aug 2023