Student Experience Survey (SES)

Student Experience Survey

The SES is the only comprehensive survey of current higher education students in Australia. It focuses on aspects of the student experience that are measurable, linked with learning and development outcomes, and potentially able to be influenced by higher education institutions. The survey collects information that helps both higher education institutions and the government improve teaching and learning outcomes. The SES has been administered annually since 2012.

Commencing and later year undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in Australian higher education institutions are in scope for the SES, including both domestic and onshore international students.

Information on the ComparED website about student learning experiences is sourced from the SES, including responses from both domestic and onshore international students, at undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level. Survey results from the two most recent collection years are pooled to improve the reliability of the information. The six indicators from the SES displayed on the ComparED website each show the percentage of students providing positive feedback on various aspects of their higher education experience, including:

  1. Quality of entire educational experience
  2. Teaching quality
  3. Learner engagement
  4. Learning resources
  5. Student support
  6. Skills development

The questions which comprise each indicator are detailed below. 90 per cent confidence intervals are displayed to provide a measure of accuracy of the estimates. For technical details about the calculations used to score data derived from the SES, please see the document, SES Methodology for ComparED Website.

Target populationUndergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in Australian higher education institutions
Sample sizeOver 180,000 undergraduate students and 90,000 postgraduate coursework students
Survey cycleConducted annually in August and September

Further information

See the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website for survey criteria, data and reports.

Enquiries can be sent to JCUSurveys.