CEE Development & Recognition Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Connect with a lively network of peer support to enhance your learning and teaching practice.

We welcome and support a range of social learning opportunities for our colleagues.

Communities of Practice provide an ongoing collegial learning partnership in which members engage in a range of activities to further their knowledge and practice within a particular domain. Through these communities of practice, colleagues can connect with a lively network of peer support to enhance their learning and teaching practice.

Wenger-Trayner, E., & Wenger-Trayner, B., (2020). Learning to make a difference: value creation in social learning spaces. Cambridge University Press.

Open to all colleagues with an interest in assessment.

Goals: To create a community of people who share and learn from each other, improve assessment design and feedback, and create new and innovative ways to assess.

Connect: We are a group of people who have come together from across James Cook University and the wider academic community to discuss, share and learn about all things Assessment. Through our community we will share good practices, work together to create new ways of assessing, discuss their implementation and come together to create more efficient and effective feedback approaches. We will develop cross disciplinary relationships to inform and influence assessment design within our broader communities.

Includes: LearnJCU Organisation for sharing resources, ideas and discussion.

Contact CEE Admin to be added to the network.

Open to everyone involved in teaching and learning.

Goals: Share experiences, practice, problems and solutions around teaching and learning quantitative skills within all discipline areas across JCU at all levels.

Connect: We meet for an informal BYO lunch coordinated between Townsville and Cairns campuses several times during the year. As well as general conversation, each lunch has a theme of interest for focussed discussion as identified by network participants.

Includes: LearnJCU organisation site for sharing resources, ideas and discussion.

Contact CEE Admin to be added to the network.

Open to all JCU staff with an interest in work integrated learning in all its forms.

Goals: Improve experiences and outcomes for students, employers, and staff through enhanced practices.

Connect: Our group includes professional and academic staff from divisions, colleges, and support services who meet to share ideas and practices and to discuss new developments in the field. Guest speakers, topic ideas and new members are always welcome.

Includes: O365 Teams space for sharing resources, ideas and discussion - Join the WIL Team.

Contact CEE Admin to be added to the mailing list.

The JCU SoTL CoP is open to any JCU staff member – academic or professional, casual, ongoing or adjunct at any JCU location – involved in the practice of teaching and/or the design and support of learning environments at JCU.

Goals: The JCU SoTL CoP focusses on the systematic inquiry of teaching and learning in the JCU classroom.  In our monthly meetings we share our experience of teaching, what works, what doesn’t and what intrigues us. The CoP aims to help academics and teaching-focussed professional staff conduct scholarly research into teaching practice and design and share their findings through formal and informal channels – from peer-reviewed journals to on-campus show and tells.  SoTL activity can be used for academic promotion and is evidence of a scholarly approach to teaching –an increasingly important line of inquiry for university selection panels. For professional staff, evidence of participation in SoTL will aid in your professional development and increase your value as an essential member of the JCU teaching community.

Connect: The SoTL CoP only formed in the middle of 2022, so is still fairly young. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 12pm for no more than 50 minutes. The hybrid meetings allow participation in person for those on Nguma-bada campus Cairns and also for remote participants on Zoom.  We have notable guest presenters from outside JCU as well as opportunities for CoP members to share their innovative teaching and research plans and gain feedback. You are warmly invited to join the JCU SoTL CoP, bring your lunch and enjoy this focussed, lively and generous community.

Includes: A SoTL Teams channel has been created for community member for discussion and the sharing of news and resources.  A Microsoft Sway is also planned to aggregate resources as the CoP develops.

To be added to this community, get in touch with Dr Adrian Norman, Educational Designer, Nguma-bada Cairns, adrian.norman@jcu.edu.au; +61 7  07 4232 1543.

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