CEE TEL Design Collaborate Rooms Using Polls in Collaborate

Using Polls in Collaborate

Collaborate Polls might not offer everything that Kahoot does but there are ways to use this tool efficiently in your Collaborate session and the benefit is, that it is built within Collaborate and very easy to present and collate instant responses during an online session.

Using polls can give students opportunities to participate, engage and provide feedback.

In your Collaborate session, for ease of online delivery, include polling questions along with answer options in your slide lecture presentation. Ensure answer options correspond to a number for multi-choice or true/false.

When the polling slide is on-screen in Collaborate, launch a Collaborate Poll, label it Poll # and activate the number of choices required. Do not bother filling in the answers as these are on the slide and are not required in the creation of the poll. This ensures that you spend minimal time preparing the poll in the live session.

Here is an example of what the participant will see:

Example of poll in Collaborate

Note: If you have five answer choices you may have to raise the information higher on the slide to ensure the poll does not cover it.

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