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Gaming addiction linked to personality

JCU in hot demand for study in 2022

Teens lose sleep over bullying

New Central Queensland healthcare training site announced

The future for sharks: adapt, move or die

Microscope zooms in on JCU research

Crazy ants kill small rainforest skinks

JCU set to kick goals for athletic performance

Almost all corals face catastrophic bleaching


Next-gen testing opens the way to beating kidney disease

Poor sleep more common for Indigenous people

Seaweed removal helps coral babies thrive

International students welcomed with open arms

Drone enterprise aims to map the world

Rebuilding public trust in science and social media

Sports scholarship sets Benson up for glory

Hot-and-dry years on the rise

Geology student wins life-changing scholarship

JCU to continue fight against disabling tropical diseases with WHO


A hookup may not make you feel better

Concerns as development threatens reefs

New strategies for saving the Great Barrier Reef

Researchers forge path for women in STEM

Turn on and tune out for free

Unleashing the tiger – world-first mapping of the Aussie tiger prawn genome

Deadly snakes proving to be slippery customers

National Student Safety Survey

Fade to grey – fish communities become duller as coral reefs die

COVID-19 and the brain

JCU Hub works to build ultimate athletes

Ecosystems protect us from climate change – but they need our help

Grads engineer their way to success

New Director for the TNQ Drought Hub

Study finds Emergency Department nurses routinely abused, facing violence

JCU welcomes new Commonwealth Supported Places for medicine


Call for new induced labour guidelines

JCU students develop next-gen smart boat

JCU soars in world rankings

Flights to nowhere

North’s military bases ‘playing catch-up’ against China

Hotel quarantine should upgrade

JCU’s Trailblazing research success

Confronting pre-COVID mental health demons

Rock fishers at risk while life jacket warnings go unheeded

The future of food from the warming sea

New study questions dingo culling

Pepper the vaccine prepper


Trauma Care in the Tropics

Long lost ‘bum-breathing’ turtle makes its return

Tropical scientists deliver a ‘World-first’ in Scotland

AI sediment prediction tool a ‘world first’ for Reef

Calls for targeted action as rural road toll exposed

Dramatic loss of globe’s wetlands

New treatment keeps bush kids close to home

Rainforest trees have been dying faster since the 1980s

Turtles, dugongs in danger from seagrass loss

Croc meat may be unsafe for fish allergy sufferers

New culprit found to cause shellfish allergy

Lost tourists need new approach

New program to boost veterans’ health


The mating game

Girls have worse Covid mental health than boys

COVID not so easy to brush off

Nature-based tourism benefits may be unfair

Crunching down on food safety

Citizen scientists getting it right

Algae can help protect coral reefs – but it’s all in the timing

New climate change threat to tropical rainforests

Indigenous health gap can be closed

How a Q&A could be career-defining

On the trail of city art

Future cricket stars to take skills to next level

Tropics weather the COVID storm but challenges remain

Healthy tropical brains

Indigenous students excel at Winter School


‘Living green’ but wasting food

Innovative stroke recovery research

The double burden of climate change

Park funding goes to tourists over environment

Online mental health fine-tuned

Study provides new clues to killer frog disease

‘Dog people’ may do better in lockdown

Interactive health atlas zones in on northern Queensland needs

O what a week!

New era for uni accommodation

‘Groovy’ research unlocks secrets of wave energy

New group to reignite cultural tourism

Unlocking the power of innovation

Keto therapy clinical trials

Gulf mangrove dieback discovery

Unique diamond find an Australian first


Spearfishing restrictions boost fish stocks

Great Barrier Reef plastics danger

Native animals tangled in invasive songs

Discovery could mean crops better equipped for climate change

Big Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Scientists call for a national approach to marine and coastal restoration

‘Spooky’ moths stay on target

Bushfire readiness warning for Townsville communities

Sing like there’s nobody comparing

Heatwaves’ killer impact

JCU and Glencore join forces for critical turtle research

Study links caesareans and cardiovascular risk

‘Cleaner’ fish potential parasite super-spreaders

Study to tackle concussion head on

Sharks walk away from climate change


Breeding better waste munching flies

Avoiding catastrophe

Tornado trouble

Indigenous students shine at awards

Outstanding Alumni honoured

JCU’s five stars for success

Putting the ‘fun’ in functional training

Cancer self-treatment concern

Half of First Nations dementia may be preventable

Snappy idea set to help crabbers

Coal road to cut through imperilled rainforest

Termites – busier as the planet warms

New funding to fight allergies

Scholarship sets students up for success

Dino evolution research a huge step forward


JCU launches full medical course in Cairns

New reef to be named

Uni and Army set for showdown

DNA reveals the past and future of coral reefs

Mass bleachings – but little change in GBR priorities

JCU to host job-creating public service academy

Radio in the golden age

Djungan and Djabugay artefacts return home

Apocalypse soon – scientists warn of insect decline

Snakes’ deadly global toll

Coral reefs can adapt in response to mild marine heatwaves

New online tool for prenatal testing decisions

‘Wild Abandon’ wins 2022 Roderick Literary Award


Veterans tap into mindfulness with new program

Dugong Census Begins

Students set to take off with scholarship

Bringing back bushfoods: Australia’s landscape mapped to boost bush tucker

New $89M national research centre at JCU

New dates for Māori settlement of Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Hit song secrets unveiled

Game-changing tool to help rehab patients

Supercharging aquaculture

Elite scientists recognised

NAPLAN not remotely working

Staph spread tracked

Playing with pride and protection

Call for harder line on how we judge conservation

Possums threatened by climate change

Seagrass restoration project spans two oceans

Reef businesses adapt to climate change


New search technique to help find ‘green’ minerals

Climate techno-fixes keep the planet on palliative care

Kicking goals against TB

Coral-eating starfish – another victim of climate change?

Tyranny of distance impacts mental health in the bush

Safety courses proposed for farm kids

JCU helps solar cable power ahead

Car crash risks higher in rural areas