Current Students Fees & Financial Support Withdrawal without financial penalty (special circumstances)

Withdrawal without financial penalty (special circumstances)

If you have withdrawn from a subject after the census date, due to special circumstances which were beyond your control, you can apply for a subject fee refund. Alternatively, if you have opted to defer your fees, you can apply to have your HELP debt removed.

Before submitting an application, please check the requirements under the Student Fee Payments and Refunds Policy. This policy and Commonwealth Government legislation (Higher Education Support Act 2003) stipulate the rules under which withdrawal without financial penalty can be granted.

You will need to provide independent third party documentation to support your application.

Any up-front payments or SA-HELP debt for the SSA Fee incurred in the same study period will not be refunded/removed.

Special circumstances

JCU will consider your application for withdrawal without financial penalty if your special circumstances were:

  1. Beyond your control, and
  2. Did not fully impact you until on or after the census date, and
  3. Made it impracticable for you to complete the requirements of the subject/s in the study period you were to undertake the subjects in.

These may include medical, family/personal, employment-related or course-related circumstances.

How to apply

If your circumstances fit Special Circumstances criteria above, please complete the Application for Withdrawal Without Financial Penalty form, along with any requested supporting documentation.

Information sheet for all applicants: Applying for withdrawal without financial penalty (PDF, 73 KB)

Supporting documentation may include:

Medical and/or personal circumstances

A statement from your doctor or counsellor stating:

  • The date your medical condition began or worsened or the date your personal circumstances began or changed
  • How your condition or circumstances affected your ability to study, and
  • When it became apparent that you could not continue with your studies.

Employment related circumstances beyond your control

A statement from your employer stating:

  • Your previous work hours and location
  • Your current work hours and location
  • The reason for changed hours and location, and
  • When the change occurred.

Course related circumstances

A statement from the Enrolment Team stating:

  • You have been disadvantaged by changed arrangements to your course and that it was impossible for your to undertake alternative units or courses, and
  • When the change occurred.

If you are also requesting withdrawal without academic penalty from the subject(s), tick the box in Section 6 of the form. Your Academic Division will be asked to review your grade and contact you directly with the outcome

Application cut-off period

You have up to 12 months after the date of withdrawal, or, if not withdrawn, 12 months after the end of the study period for the subject to apply, providing appropriate evidence to support your case.

In some cases, the 12 month time requirement may be waived if there is sufficient evidence that the application could not be made within the time limits. Lack of knowledge or understanding of requirements is not a valid reason.

What happens after you apply

Following submission of your application, you will be sent an acknowledgement email which will also outline the timeframes for your application.

You may receive a request via email to supply additional documentation to help with the assessment of your application.

You’ll be notified of the outcome within eight weeks of receipt of the application, or if requested within eight weeks of the additional documentation being received.

The outcome will be sent to the email address supplied on the application form. If you have not supplied an email address, the outcome will be posted to the address provided.

If approved, your HECS/FEE-HELP debt for the relevant unit of study will be removed and any amounts you have paid up-front will be refunded.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be sent a letter outlining the reasons for the decision.

If you feel you have reasonable grounds, you can request a review or appeal the decision.

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