AccessAbility Adjustments for Formal Exams

If you are registered with AccessAbility Services, your approved examination adjustments will be applied automatically to your formal examinations timetable. Please check the listed adjustments on your exam timetable and contact if there are any errors with your approved adjustments.

Please be aware that if any changes to already agreed reasonable adjustments are required for an Examination Period or a new adjustment is required unexpectedly, a request must be submitted at least 15 university working days prior to the start of a formal Examination Period. Adjustments will then be assessed on an individual basis and if adjustments cannot be accommodated at that time a deferred examination may be required.

See example timetable below:

Duration includes your calculated additional timings.

Your personal examination timetable for SP2/9 Formal Exams, 2023 is listed below.

Exam: EV2502 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (AccessAbility Exam Conditions)

Assessment Type: Online Learn JCU Exam

Date: Thursday 09/11/2023

Start Time: 8:45am

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes plus 0 minutes reading (plus 10 minutes rest per hour)

Venue: AccessAbility Online - Refer to LearnJCU

AccessAbility Conditions:

10 extra minutes per hour writing time.

10 extra minutes per hour for rest breaks.

Exam Conditions:

Any materials are permitted

Materials Permitted:

- Any materials permitted

Additional AccessAbility Processes: