Student academic misconduct

Academic misconduct is any attempt by one or more students to gain an unfair academic advantage, and includes behaviour that may disadvantage other students. Examples of academic misconduct include:

  • Copying the work of others without acknowledging the author’s work appropriately. (See: What is plagiarism? and Guidelines for avoiding plagiarism).
  • Claiming someone else’s work as your own work.
  • Collusion with another student to produce an assessment item together which is meant to be completed separately by each individual student.
  • Submitting the same assignment that you have already submitted for another subject, or for the same subject (if you are repeating the subject).
  • Paying someone to write an assignment for you.
  • Taking unauthorised materials into an exam.
  • Copying from another student in an exam.
  • Having a mobile phone in your possession in an exam, unless authorised to do so.
  • Disruptive behaviour.
  • Disobeying the instructions of the exam supervisor.
  • Falsifying research results.

JCU takes academic misconduct by students very seriously. The procedures and penalties are outlined in the Student Academic Misconduct Requirements Procedure.

What if an allegation of academic misconduct is made against me?

The Student Academic Misconduct Requirements Procedure explains the general procedure used by the University in different cases of suspected academic misconduct.

If an allegation is made against you, you will be informed about the allegation and may be asked to attend a meeting. This is an opportunity to explain your side of the story, and learn about the University’s procedures for dealing with academic misconduct, and potential penalties.

You may take a support person along with you to any meetings/hearings you are required to attend (see below). If you feel you are not dealt with fairly, you can lodge an appeal after the final decision.

Support available

The JCU Student Association offers an academic support service for JCU students in Australia. The academic support coordinator can help you with an academic misconduct allegation by:

  • Interpreting University policy
  • Offering advice and information about your rights and responsibilities
  • Accompanying you to formal meetings
  • Representing you at hearings and appeals

More information

The following policies relate to academic misconduct: