ChemWatch Chemgold III

ChemWatch Access

ChemWatch can now be accessed from the WHS home page in two ways.

General User (typically used by undergraduates)

Once on the WHS Unit webpage click on the tile for ChemWatch. This is an automatic login to basic ChemWatch and does not require individual login. This allows a user to search for safety data sheets.

Account User (typically used by staff or research students)

This access allows for the creation of manifests and labels.

Requesting a login from include:

  • Your JC number
  • Password you would like to use
  • Description of building and rooms that you require access to on the manifest.

Each login is only given access to the portion of the manifest required.

If you wish to access with your own login, click the login link in the top right-hand corner of the general ChemWatch window.

If you are off campus make sure you are logged into the VPN as the general link needs to authenticate your access.

The WHS Unit can assist with instruction in using ChemWatch. The Chemwatch page also has links to training videos and online help.

What is ChemWatch?

To meet its legal obligations with respect to the complex task of storing and using chemicals, JCU uses the ChemWatch GoldFFX Chemical Management System, a risk management tool and database.

ChemWatch holds safety data sheets (SDS) plus toxicological and physical information about thousands of chemical products, such as solvents, paints, glues, thinners, cutting oils and fluids, cleaning chemicals and photographic chemicals.

The system allows easy searching of chemicals by chemical or trade names, universal numbering as well as our own stock names or numbers if applicable. This information is displayed in an SDS.

Users may also generate labels with the legally required safety information for decanted substances, and create and store lists of hazardous substances and dangerous goods in their work area.

Chemwatch provides emergency information at the touch of a button which includes vital first aid action, spill and containment information as well as firefighting requirements. It also includes a range of customised reports (e.g. Mini MSDSs, Labels, Emergency Documents, etc.) providing relevant safety information in a convenient and easily interpreted format.

Electronic inventories can be established and managed in the Chemwatch database. Chemwatch can then provide information on volume, any required signage and segregation information. This information is used to fulfil legal obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.