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You can withdraw from your subjects online at any time. However, you must ensure you withdraw before the subject's Census Date. If you don't, you will be financially liable for that subject. Check your subject's Census Date on the calendars website.

If you have withdrawn from a subject after the Census Date, due to special circumstances which were beyond your control, you can apply for a subject fee refund. More details about this can be found on our subject refund webpage.

Steps to withdraw

It's easy to withdraw from a subject:

  • Log in to eStudent

  • Click on the My Study Plan tab

  • On the side menu select Study Plans to select your current degree

  • At the bottom of the page click on the tab Withdraw from Subjects

  • Select the checkbox for the subject you want to withdraw from and click Withdraw from Selected Subject/s button

  • You will be given the opportunity to confirm your withdrawal request

  • A withdrawal confirmation page will then be displayed listing the subjects that you have successfully been withdrawn from.

Every time you change your enrolment it's also a good idea to go back and confirm your enrolment – just in case. To do this, click on Current Enrolment. At the bottom of this page, you can request for your current enrolment to be emailed to your JCU email account.

More questions?

Go to Ask Us – there are more than 800 commonly asked questions and answers available 24/7. The top withdrawal questions include:

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