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At JCU, you will need to sit exams for all or part of your study. Use this website to find out where to go, what you need, and when to turn up. You can also find information about how to apply for special consideration, your grades and how to maintain a good academic level.

Exam start times & timetables

Access your personal exam timetable and know when and where your exams are held.

Exam periods and start times
Exam timetables
Exam centres for external students
Exams for other institutions
Exam FAQs

Exam rules, expectations & tips

Every exam has certain rules and authorised materials. Be prepared and know what to expect in your exam.

Authorised materials in exams
Individual requirements in exams
Search for past exam papers
Tips for exam success
What to expect in an exam situation
Exam FAQs

Special consideration & deferred exams

When exceptional or unexpected circumstances arise you can apply for a deferred exam or special consideration in exam marking.

Unexpected circumstances affecting your exam
Applying for approval to sit a deferred exam
Deferred and supplementary exams for SP1 & SP2
Applying for special consideration in exam marking
Grounds and evidence for special consideration
Need more help with Special Consideration?

Academic misconduct

All JCU students must behave ethically and honestly when completing assessments. If you are found to have committed misconduct such as plagiarism or cheating, you may face serious penalties including expulsion from your course.

Student conduct expected in exams
What if an allegation of misconduct is made against me?
What is student academic misconduct?
Guidelines for avoiding plagiarism
What is plagiarism?


Find out when your results are released, what your grades mean and how to apply for an academic record.

Release of results
Deferred and supplementary exams for SP1 & SP2
Subject results and grades explained
Grade Point Average (GPA)
What if I disagree with a mark or my final grade?
Academic records

Academic performance and progression

As a JCU student, you must achieve a certain academic standard each Teaching Period. If you are having trouble maintaining this level, we have a number of resources to help you.

Academic progression explained
Achieving academic standards set by JCU
Intervention strategy for international students
Improve your academic performance
Academic Progress FAQs

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