Current Students Assessment and results Apply For AccessAbility Exam Adjustments

Apply For AccessAbility Exam Adjustments

If the date of your exam appears in the Academic Calendar, listed as Exam Period, then your adjustments will be automatically applied and you do not need to take any action.

If you’re not registered or your adjustments require updating, visit AccessAbility Services and make an appointment to discuss your needs.

Please note any online at home exams or practical exams, you will need to reach out to your subject coordinator to have your adjustments applied for your exam.

Tests under 30 minutes will not be facilitated by the Exams Team, please contact your subject coordinator for assistance.

For all other mid term/on course exams, tests, quizzes on campus, you will need to apply if you wish your adjustments to be applied, please see steps below:

Review your subject outline and if your adjustments are required for your mid-term, on course exam, test, or quiz, please follow the process below, adhering to the deadline:

  • Email:
  • Email subject line: “Mid Term adjustments – Student Name and ID number”
  • Include which subject/s you want your adjustments to be applied to.
  • Include the date and time of your upcoming exam.

To make it easier you can send in all the subjects/date and times for the whole Semester or Trimester in one email.

You must send the email request at least 10 University working days before your test.

Please be aware: If a late request is submitted, we may not be able to guarantee your adjustments can be arranged in time to be accommodated.

If you do not require your adjustments to be applied for an upcoming test, quiz or exam, you do not need to take any action.

We only apply mid-term/on-course adjustments if you request them.

  • You will receive an acknowledgment email from Exams confirming your request has been received
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you 5 working days before your exam date, which will confirm:
    • Date of your exam
    • Time of your exam
    • Location of your exam
    • Adjustments that have been accommodated.

Please reply to the exams email to confirm that the adjustments are correct and you have intentions of attending the exam.

The adjustments applied will be based on your Access Plan.  It is your responsibility to check your adjustments for your exam are correct. If there are any errors or missing adjustments, please contact exams immediately.

Failure to respond and confirm your adjustments are correct may result in your adjustments not being arranged for your exam.

If you are unsure of what to do or just need further assistance please contact us, either by email to you can call us on 07 4781 4246.