IT Services Help and Support Eduroam WiFi Wireless Setup – Mobile Devices

Wireless Setup – Mobile Devices

The following instructions will guide you through the steps to connect an Apple iOS or Google Android device to the JCU Wireless network.

Apple iOS

Start by turning on your device (if it’s not already on). You’ll be presented with the Home screen, if you need to return to this screen at any time press the Home Button (big black button at the bottom).

  1. Open Settings and select Wi-Fi

  2. Make sure that Wi-Fi is ON

  3. Under the Choose a Network ... tap on eduroam and set the following:

    Username: enter your JCU email address
    Password: enter your JCU password
    Mode: Automatic

  1. Then tap on Join

  2. You should receive a Certificate prompt from issued by Go Daddy Secure Certificates, tap Trust

Google Android

Start by turning on your device (if it’s not already on). Unlock the phone and navigate to the Application Drawer, then select the Settings option.

  1. Under the Wireless and networks section tap the Wi-Fi option

  2. Make sure the wireless adapter is ON

  3. Under the Wi-Fi network section select eduroam

  4. Set the eduroam connection settings to:

    EAP method: PEAP
    Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    CA certificate: Use system certificates
    Identity: enter your JCU email address
    Anonymous Identity: Leave this field blank
    Password: enter your JCU password

  5. Tap on Connect


Sometimes you may encounter issues with connecting to the wireless network on campus. Following are the more common issues that are experienced and some suggested solutions.

Eduroam doesn't show up in the available network list?

First make sure that you are in a wireless supported location. We have extensive wireless coverage on all our main campuses and remote teaching sites.  Outdoor areas near the buildings will generally have decent coverage, while the further you move from a building, the weaker the coverage becomes.

I can't authenticate to Eduroam

First of all - try to connect again. Wireless networks in general are less stable connections than fixed lines so are more susceptible to signal loss or timeout.

Check that you’re entering your full JCU Email Address and Password correctly. Test that it works for other JCU Online Services like Webmail, if not then email and request a password reset for your JCU computer account which should resolve the problem.

Alternatively, the issue may be with the Wi-Fi password or wireless certificate stored on your mobile device. To Forget the Network on your device do the following:


  1. Enter your device's Settings via the app or gear icon
  2. Tap on Connections
  3. Tap on Wi-Fi
  4. Touch and hold on eduroam and then tap Forget network from the menu that appears


  1. Go to Settings, then tap on Wi-Fi
  2. Tap the blue "i" icon to the right of the name eduroam
  3. Choose Forget this Network
  4. Confirm network deletion by tapping Forget

Now reconfigure your wireless network by following the setup instructions above.

I come from another eduroam institution

If you've come from another institution that uses eduroam then you may have an existing profile saved to your iOS device that will need to be removed before you'll be able to connect to it here at JCU. To do that perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then go to the section General → Profiles or Profiles & Device Management
  3. Tap on a configuration profile you would like to remove from your iOS device
  4. Tap Remove Profile at the bottom of the configuration profile screen
  5. Enter your passcode (if required)
  6. Confirm that you would like to remove the selected configuration profile from your device by tapping Delete
  7. Restart your iOS device to complete the profile removal

Now reconfigure your wireless network by following the Apple iOS setup instructions above.

I’ve forgotten my credential storage password?

If you are getting prompted for a credential storage password when you try and configure your Android device to connect to the JCU wireless network and you’re not sure what that is then you will need to reset it. You can do this by going into the Settings > Location & Security, scrolling to the bottom and selecting Clear Storage. Then navigate back to your WiFi settings screen and tap the eduroam network and select the Forget option.  Then repeat the setup steps.

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance with configuring your device to connect to the JCU wireless network then support is available for Staff and Students on both the Townsville and Cairns campuses, more information can be found here.