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General Access Labs

Computing facilities are available to students on all main campuses of the University including:

  • Windows & Apple computers
  • High capacity laser printers, see CopyPrint for more information
  • Data Projectors
  • Some labs have 24 x 7 access, these rooms have door swipes activated by Student ID Cards.
  • All the facilities have video surveillance cameras for added security

JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield

Location Description Floor Plan Projector 24x7 Lab Availability
A1013AMac LabFloor PlanYY24 of 24
A1013BWindows LabFloor PlanYY4 of 24
A4008Mac LabFloor PlanY15 of 18
B1FoyerWindows LabFloor Plan26 of 29
B1003Windows LabFloor Plan3 of 3
B1005Windows LabFloor PlanY8 of 8
B1104Windows LabFloor Plan21 of 21
B1L01Windows LabFloor Plan38 of 40
B1L02Windows LabFloor Plan31 of 32
E1012Windows LabFloor PlanYY7 of 25
E1014Windows LabFloor PlanYY2 of 12
E1015Windows LabFloor PlanYY5 of 25
E1017Windows LabFloor PlanYY5 of 26

JCU Cairns, Bada-jali campus, City

Location Description Floor Plan Projector 24x7 Lab Availability
CCC-009 -3 of 3
CCC-005Windows Lab-7 of 7
CCC-001Windows Lab-7 of 7

JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas

Location Description Floor Plan Projector 24x7 Lab Availability
4-005BWindows LabFloor PlanY11 of 12
4-005CeSportsFloor Plan12 of 15
15-003Windows LabFloor PlanYY24 of 24
15-012Windows LabFloor PlanYY32 of 34
17-035Windows LabFloor PlanYY40 of 40
18-001Mixed LabFloor PlanY29 of 35
18-002BWindows LabFloor Plan24 of 24
18-002CMac LabFloor Plan21 of 21
18-036Mixed LabFloor Plan17 of 23
18-L01Windows LabFloor Plan47 of 51
18-L02Windows LabFloor Plan60 of 65
34-011AWindows LabFloor Plan10 of 10
41-007Windows LabFloor PlanY14 of 15
94-203Windows LabFloor PlanY11 of 12
134-021Windows LabFloor Plan24 of 24
134-L00Windows LabFloor Plan17 of 17
134-L01Mixed LabFloor Plan6 of 7
142-020Windows LabFloor PlanY33 of 33
142-021Windows LabFloor PlanY32 of 33
142-022Windows LabFloor PlanY6 of 7
142-023Windows LabFloor PlanY4 of 7
300-001Windows LabFloor Plan45 of 47
301-003Windows LabFloor Plan11 of 15
302-009Windows LabFloor Plan30 of 31
302-013Mixed LabFloor Plan16 of 20

JCU Townsville City Campus

Location Description Floor Plan Projector 24x7 Lab Availability
TC-L02Mixed LabFloor Plan14 of 18