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IT Services - Staff working from home

JCU staff working remotely or preparing to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, these are things you need to know.

IT Support for Staff
JCU IT Services (Technology Solutions) is here to assist you.  Please continue to log all technical support requests via ServiceNow or by emailing the IT HelpDesk.

  • JCU computers will be fully supported during this time (on or off campus). If you experience a technical issue with a JCU owned computer while working from home, please log a job via ServiceNow to request a repair.
  • Staff using personal machines will be offered support limited to simple queries only eg: logging into O365 or VPN.  Staff using personal computers who are experiencing issues related to connectivity or hardware, will need to contact their internet provider or computer manufacturer for support.

For additional information about technical support at while working from home please refer to Computer problems at home.

Where to find more information?
IT Services has provided specific information across several platforms to assist with your queries about working from home, before contacting the HelpDesk please ensure you have reviewed the following:

I need to work from home / take my JCU computer home, where do I start?

If you have been directed to work from home, these are the things you need to do to ensure you are prepared and can continue to work productively.

Before leaving campus

  • Read Transition to working from home and complete the Working from home using JCU Equipment form
  • Take a photo of your computer cables so you know where to plug things in when you get home
  • If you are taking home a new computer make sure you log in while on campus and connected to the JCU network.  Then unplug from the network and try logging in again to make sure it works.

What if my home internet is too slow, or I don’t have an internet connection?

  • If you have an existing internet plan, check with your provider about your ability to increase your speed or download limit, and associated costs. Discuss this and your needs with your manager as additional costs will need to be funded by your college or directorate.
  • If you don’t have an internet connection, discuss your requirement with your manager, and notify the HelpDesk to seek further guidance.

How do I deal with phone calls?

  • There is a limit on how many telephone calls can be diverted at the same time from JCU phones, so we strongly encourage you to not to divert your phone unless you have no other option. Instead, update your voice mail with your new contact details (an alternate phone number or ask people to contact you via email, Teams or Zoom) on your desk phone or Softphone.

How do I pack up my computer?

You do not have to pack up your computer by yourself, to request assistance:

  • Log a ServiceNow request or contact the IT HelpDesk to get help packing up your JCU computer so you can take it home safely.

Video meetings, what tool should I use?

JCU information, how do I keep it safe at home?

Are you accessing, viewing or altering JCU information at home?  If you are working remotely you will need to be aware of the University’s Acceptable use policy to ensure confidential/private information is accessed and managed accordingly, and University records are only stored in University-managed locations or systems e.g.: do not store University data in your personal Dropbox or your home computer.

Additionally heightened cyber caution is advised, and expanding your awareness about confidentiality and privacy is highly recommended.