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3385 new places at JCU, with more to come

A paradigm shift in drug discovery

Coral Reefs are in trouble - how can people adapt?

Even ‘green’ consumers waste food

Global warning: agricultural production threatens life on Earth

How to boost active lifestyles for people with MS?

Innovative research supported

JCU and Royal Life Saving researchers to breathalyse swimmers

JCU dentists take action against domestic violence

JCU researcher condemns plans to cut the Amazon rainforest in half

JCU Townsville Master Plan unveiled

New pygmy squid discovery

Plastics linked to disease in coral

Tainted Love – why people sabotage their relationships

The window for saving the world’s coral reefs is rapidly closing

Undersea maps reveal GBR in unprecedented detail

Water quality and seagrass monitoring starts at Weipa


Ancient volcanoes provide clues to find vital metals

Congratulations Paris

JT opens John Grey Hall at JCU

New measures proposed to streamline delivery of services for students

New study reveals Australia’s most endangered ocean ecosystem (and it’s not what you think)

New technique boosts eyewitness recall

Robots and the ‘gig’ economy: mapping the new world of employment

Science is booming at JCU

Sick bees eat healthier

Study exposes misperception of poaching on the GBR and its remedy

Townsville’s creative industries need a boost


Art and science join for the Great Barrier Reef

Boat noise sounds like trouble for reef fish

Early screening essential to help close health gap

Hi-tech revolution for livestock

How to minimise agricultural vehicle road accidents?

Hunting squid slowed by rising carbon levels

JCU casts wide net for ideas to help restore the Great Barrier Reef

JCU’s $800m-plus impact

JCU’s Engineering graduates in high demand

New tools to curb violence

Scholarship recipient has her sights set on Australia’s energy future

Soccer success study kicks goals

Taking the jab (and the chill) out of vaccination

Want to avoid diabetes? Meet some old friends.

Win-win for graziers and greens

Workers motivated to take a stand


Ancestors save tree snakes

Art is in the eye of the beholder

Calling all innovators: Hack the Reef

Coral bleaching threatens the diversity of reef fish

Freezing breakthrough offers hope for African wild dogs

From soldier to doctor

Global warming is transforming the Great Barrier Reef

JCU Scientists Tackle Concussion Head-On

Lost in translation

New boat puts a sting into turtle health research

New James Cook University Council formed

Promoting active transport for Townsville’s young people

Reshaping JCU to meet future demand

Retirement of Dr Dale Anderson, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Singapore campus

Tiny plastics are potentially dangerous for turtles too

Tropical Health & Medicine expands at JCU in Cairns


Aboriginal settlement in Australia was no accident

Cheryl Kernot and social entrepreneurs at JCU

Fading smoke signals

Fungus to fight banana pests

Getting smarter for the GBR

Getting to the heart of CPR volunteers

Global trade spreads deadly frog disease from Asia

JCU celebrates 10 years of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library

JCU celebrates opening of new Indigenous Education & Research Centre

JCU Researcher warns China’s trillion-dollar infrastructure program “riskiest environmental project in human history”

JCU smoke-free from July

JCU spreads aquaculture knowledge internationally

JCU Turtle Health Research opens new nursery for baby turtles

JCU’s new Deputy Chancellor

Limiting warming to 1.5°C would save majority of global species

Mangroves mega-map: scientists survey FNQ coastline

MeToo. A hypothetical Journey

Minimising the impacts of palm oil plantations

Research makes the dentist less scary

Statement responding to media reports regarding Mathew Vickers

World’s rarest ape on the edge of extinction


A win brings personalised medicine to the tropics

Coral reef scientist receives royal honour

DVC Singapore honoured by business leaders

Essential oils to fight bacterial infections

Global expert: Most planned infrastructure projects “Are a bad idea”

Help to plan the city you need

How to heal refugees

JCU academic takes up the reins at the world’s top nursing job

JCU law grads join the judiciary

JCU rockets up the rankings

JCU takes aim at NT weeds

Marine reserves are vital - but under pressure

Mental health: what’s love got to do with it?

New drug offers hope for patients in pain

Northern Dentists taking action on domestic violence

Researchers take aim at problem gambling

Seven percent of river users legally drunk say researchers

Skilling doctors to close the gap

Smokers wanted

Tracking breast cancer in the Far North 

When the river runs high

Worse outcomes for Indigenous Australians with peripheral artery disease

‘Gloomy’ octopuses’ Tassie sea change


Boosting university students’ resilience

Cairns hosts a global conference on nursing, midwifery and sustainability

Change Plan reshapes JCU to meet future demand

Eradicate rats to bolster coral reefs

Experts talk Asia at JCU today

JCU takes new direction in data science with SAS

JCU’s last (plastic) straw

JCU’s Townsville campus set to be transformed

Junior doctor fights deadly disease

Managing the health of women who have undergone female genital mutilation

Natural repellent to combat insect-borne diseases in the Tropics

New insights unearthed with newly-discovered armoured dinosaur

Overcoming the “yummy mummy” pressure

Piscatory paradox: frigid polar oceans, not balmy coral reefs, are species-formation hot spots for marine fishes

The Reef reborn? JCU brings coral larval restoration to Cairns

Unplugged holidays tipped to increase

Warming to university at the first JCU Winter School


A $6M investment in FNQ science

A school of sustainable fisheries students

Apathy towards poachers widespread in world’s marine protected areas

Bad news could further harm the reef

Cairns Open Day a great success

Estimating the age of sex offenders

JCU celebrates its outstanding alumni

JCU partners with NRL

JCU rises in global rankings

Mums with autistic kids twice as likely to be unemployed

New fish in sights of citizen scientists

New treatment for debilitating disease

Pigs shut out of critical Queensland wetlands

Public or private? Cutting costs and improving the journey to motherhood

Should Northern Australia reinvest in justice?

Shrimp help to heal injured fish

The God of small things


$1 million JCU scholarship program unveiled

Call for co-operation on coastal developments

Can sustainable development co-exist with current economic growth?

Enlisting pharmacists to help close the gap

Finding Nemo's genes

Genetic sequencing answers critical koala questions

JCU reef researcher wins prestigious QLD science prize

JCU’s teaching and research excellence recognised

JCU’s top marks for graduate employment

Labour pain relief: epidural or not?

New database to better guide global conservation efforts

Researcher uncovers healthcare ‘gold mine’

Shelter from the storm

Students shine at annual Indigenous Student Awards night

The root of the problem


Audit of unprecedented mangrove dieback

Fish give up the fight after coral bleaching

Frog researcher snares PM’s Science Prize

Getting to the bottom of 200,000 years of history

New alert system for deadly condition

New JCU research centre to answer the big questions

New testing lab takes pressure off prawn farmers

Shrimp talent quest finds a winner

Study firms up diet and depression link

Tough laws prevent gun deaths


$10,000, 3 year QCoal Foundation Scholarship up for grabs

A rare-earth metal enigma is solved

Amazon forests failing to keep up with climate change

Biggest coral reseeding project as Great Barrier Reef spawns

Bonita Mabo honoured by JCU

Cultural trail for young Australians

Doubling the healing power of a DIY parasite’s protein

Global call to arms for scientists as bad infrastructure booms

Is Australia walking the talk in the Pacific?

JCU announces new DVC Singapore

JCU partners with the Philippines Government

JCU welcomes regional higher education funding package

JCU’s global leaders

Jungle giant's 20th birthday

New tools to fight northern bio-invaders

Review of sexual harassment and sexual assault at JCU’s Townsville on-campus residences

Social entrepreneurs at work

Tropical research centre opens on Thursday Island

Tropical summer causes DNA damage in pig sperm

Wake-up call for child sleep issues

“Robust” corals primed to resist coral bleaching


A glimmer of hope for the world’s coral reefs

A Reef Reborn - Coral Babies Fast-Tracking Reef’s Recovery

Attention deficits examined

Citizen scientist’s third remarkable discovery

Cyclone risk assessment program to start in April

Experts: New highways will drive environmental and social calamities in New Guinea

Friends matter in climate change response

JCU team receives top international drowning prevention honour

Microplastics found in all sea turtle species

Murky water keeps fish on edge

Mystery of colour patterns of reef fish solved

OP results are almost in – but where to from here?

Performance enhancer: sports compression stockings a winning advantage

Two new “silks” for JCU