Current Students Current International students Work, consumer and tenant rights and responsibilities

Work, consumer and tenant rights and responsibilities

Discover more about your rights, responsibilities, and where to find help.

These laws and regulations fall under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework. The ESOS framework outlines your rights and responsibilities and mandates the services that Australian Education providers must offer international students.

Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities

While studying in Australia, you have specific legal rights and responsibilities. If you encounter legal issues, it is crucial to understand your options. You can access the JCU Student Association for a welfare service that can help with access to community legal services. You can also seek advice from external services such as:

Your Workplace Rights

If you plan to work while in Australia, it is essential to understand your workplace rights, including pay, working conditions, and health and safety. Refer to the following resources to ensure you are aware of your workplace rights:

Additionally, below are some legal resources for reference: