Current Students How to use Subject Search

How to use Subject Search

General Steps

If you know the subject code you are after, simply type it into the Search For: field and click on SEARCH (be sure you are searching in the year of choice by checking the tab at the top of the search window).

Or you can use a “wildcard” (%) search to find a specific list of subjects.

Refine the list using the extra selection fields available. The more fields you use in the search, the shorter and more specific the results will be.

Mandatory criteria for wildcard search

  1. Type in the subject prefix followed by a number to indicate the year level and then %. 1 = level 1 or first year subjects, 2 = level 2 or second year subjects
  2. Check the button to indicate that you are searching by subject code

Optional criteria to refine the list

  1. Select the campus.
    1. If you are studying internally, you will need to choose the correct campus
    2. If you are studying externally, you should leave the campus blank
  2. Select the attendance mode.
    1. If you wish to include subjects offered in a variety of modes e.g. block or limited, you should leave attendance mode blank.
    2. If you are only interested in a specific mode e.g. internal or external, you should choose the attendance mode.
  3. Select the Study Period.
    1. If you wish to include block subjects in the search, leave Study Period blank
    2. If you are choosing for a specific study period you should choose it.
  4. When you have filled in the required criteria click on SEARCH.
  5. Subject Search will bring up a list of all available subjects showing the study period, location (campus) and attendance mode.  This information is required when you enrol in eStudent.
  6. Click on the specific subject code or title to find out more about the subject, including requisite requirements and any abnormal teaching dates.