Current Students Forms Leave of Absence Application Form

Leave of Absence Application Form

Defer Studies

You will need to complete the form to defer your studies.

International Students

International students are required to use the International Students Leave of Absence Application Form

Students in Health, Medical or Veterinary Science

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Health Science (Physician Assistant)
Bachelor of Nursing Science - Bachelor of Midwifery
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Graduate Certificate of Research Methods

Students requesting a a leave of absence from any of these courses must complete a Leave of Absence Application for health, medical and veterinary science degrees.

Taking a break less than 12 months

You are not required to apply for a Leave of Absence. We wish you well in your break from studies and look forward to seeing you return to study in future. We will keep in touch during this time.

To take a break longer than 12 months, please check the Course Handbook for your degree and refer to the Maximum Leave of Absence, under the Candidature section. (Please select the correct version of the Handbook by choosing Past Handbooks and select from the year that you were admitted to your degree).

When would you like your leave of absence to commence? *

Study Period *

For how long would you like your leave of absence to be approved? *

Please note this email will be updated into your student record.

5000 characters max.

The Notification of Extenuating Circumstances form can be used to self-declare your circumstances where documentation such as a medical our counseling certificate is required.

Please allow for file upload and processing time after you submit your application. Larger file attachments will have a longer upload time.

You must read and agree to the following conditions *

  • It is my responsibility to investigate the consequence that taking a Leave of Absence might have with regard to census dates and any external bodies (e.g. effect on Centrelink benefits or student visas).
  • If approved, I will be withdrawn from all subjects for the period of Leave of Absence granted.
  • I will retain access to StudentsOnline, eStudent and my JCU computer and email account during the period of Leave of Absence, and I will continue to monitor my JCU emails and maintain my correct address details through eStudent during this time.
  • It is my responsibility to check that I am able to complete the degree within the maximum time allowed (taking into account part time studies and/or failed subjects), even if I haven’t already consumed the maximum allocated time of leave.
  • If I am in receipt of a Commonwealth Scholarship, my scholarship payments will be suspended while I am on approved Leave of Absence. However, a maximum period of deferral for scholarship payments is 1 year. After that time, my scholarship will be terminated. (Please contact the Scholarships Officer at to arrange deferral of scholarship payments.)
  • If I am in receipt of a Start-up Scholarship and/or a Relocation Scholarship, I acknowledge my scholarship payments will be suspended while I am on approved Leave of Absence. (For further information, please contact Centrelink at or phone 13 24 90.)