CEE Transitions & Retention

Transitions and Retention

Since 2013, JCU has developed a clear objective to implement and monitor effective and integrated, whole of institution strategies to improve transitions, retention and the overall student experience.

This whole of institution approach is significantly supported by Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) funding and coordinated by the Centre for Education and Enhancement.

In 2014, JCU also developed an overarching plan to support access and success of equity groups, including the Martin Indicator Groups - Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, students with disabilities, low socio-economic status students, students from remote areas, women in non-traditional areas, and students for whom English is an additional language.

Our core strategies include:

  • Adopt a coordinated and evidenced-based approach to pathways, transitions and the first year experience, promoting the use of relevant data to inform strategic initiatives over the course of the JCU student life-cycle.
  • Develop and coordinate appropriate and supported pathway options to higher education,including a single preparatory Diploma of Higher Education to articulate with a robust and accessible preparatory program, and appropriate options for international students.
  • Promote formative assessment in core subjects in first year to support the transition of students to higher education and more authentic assessment across all courses.
  • Ensure resourcing for culturally appropriate preparation, participation and engagement activities developed in partnership with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff.
  • Embed relevant support personnel in disciplines and courses, for example Academic Developers, Educational Designers, Learning Advisors, Library staff, First Year Coordinators, Capstone Coordinators.
  • Develop defined capstone experiences in all undergraduate courses to enhance transition to employment and further study.
  • Deliver enhanced transition activities and resources that are tailored to our student cohorts and oriented towards student retention and success.
  • Implement Student Transitions and Engagement activities that normalise the student experience and promote resilience.