Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time virtual classroom and web conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Collaborate with the Ultra experience opens right in your browser, so you don't have to install any software to join a session.

With Collaborate Ultra you can:

  • Join sessions quickly
    You don't have to install Java or a launcher. We recommend using the Chrome web browser to take full advantage of Collaborate ultra
  • Enjoy a modern aesthetic
    A contemporary and intuitive interface gives a clutter-free experience that puts everything at your fingertips
  • Focus on teaching
    The new interface is easy to use so you can focus on teaching

Students can access Collaborate Ultra sessions from within a LearnJCU subject site or via the Bb Student mobile app.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra User Interface Tour

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To use Blackboard Collaborate you will need the following:

  • Internet access (broadband recommended) and a current web browser (Chrome recommended)
  • Headphones/speakers and microphone
  • Webcam or inbuilt camera (if using video)
  • Review the advice on getting started

Check out a Collaborate virtual classroom works using the icons below to enter a session as either a Moderator or a Student. As a moderator you can practise uploading your lecture notes and handouts, using the whiteboard area or sharing your applications. As a student, you can see how the collaboration tools work from a student perspective.

practice room moderator

practice room student