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Subject Outline Generator Guide

Please watch the explainer video above before continuing on to the tool.

The Subject Outline Generator

The Subject Outline Generator is a project that Technology Solutions and subject matter experts have been working on over the last few months.

Key points:

  • This upcoming 2023 period is the first time the generator will be used.
  • It is an optional alternative to the existing method of downloading the Subject Outline Template from the website.
  • The tool was built to improve accuracy, consistency and save time by inserting content already stored in CSDB, TRDB, and Contact Details.
  • Once the file is generated and downloaded, the usual process of reviewing, editing, adding content, finalising approval, and publishing to LearnJCU still remains.
  • Refer to the Subject Outline Template page for information on the Subject Outline procedure and template.

For those that decide to use the tool, feedback is welcomed and will help shape future enhancements.

Please consult with your College to check if additional College-specific information is required and amend your generated subject outline accordingly.