LTSE Online Teaching Tools Video Capture (Panopto)

Video Capture with Panopto

What is Panopto?

Panopto is JCU's video capture platform that provides secure video recordings, viewing, editing, sharing, and streaming capabilities, all from within LearnJCU.

Demonstration of Panopto

Image above: Demonstration of Panopto's video player

Some of the reasons why we are replacing Mediasite with Panopto:

  • Easier to use, manage and support: Simpler workflows and an intuitive interface.

  • Automatic speech to text: Every video has auto-transcriptions awaiting approval before publishing.

  • Add notes, bookmarks and discussions: These can all be done by students and educators within the video player.

  • Video assessment workflow: Create a secure space for students to submit their videos for assessment.

  • Video quizzes: Create interactive media with results sent to Grade Centre.

  • Downloadable MP4s: By default, MP4 downloadable versions are automatically created.

  • High quality streaming: Faster more reliable content delivery network (CDN) to improve the viewing experience.

  • Multiple media streams. Multiple video feeds and presentations can be streamed and shared on the one video player.

  • In browser recording. Record a presentation and capture your screen directly within the browser.

  • Editing. Easy to use online video editor that can combine several Panopto (and YouTube) videos and web pages into the one video.

  • Analytics. Detailed reports on audience engagement and viewing behaviour.

Q. When can I start using Panopto?
Panopto is now available in LearnJCU and can be accessed by the Books and Tools menu. Instructions to download the Desktop Recorder can be found here and further guides can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q. What training is available?
There are three webinars available to staff throughout June and July.

Visit the LTSE registration page and choose from the following events:

  • Panopto Auto Lecture Capture
  • Panopto Desktop Recording
  • Panopto Editing for Teaching & Learning

Q. Can I still make recordings with Mediasite?
You can continue to make recordings with Mediasite until June 30 but you are heavily encouraged to use Panopto going forward. From July 1, new recordings will be made using Panopto.

Q. What will happen to my preexisting Mediasite recordings? Will my Mediasite videos be transferred to Panopto? 
Mediasite recordings, with views, will be copied over to Panopto. Automated lecture recordings will be copied over to a Panopto subject folder and other recordings will be copied over to a Panopto personal folder. You can continue to link to videos on Mediasite until the end of the year; we recommend you start relinking to Panopto recordings as soon as you can.

Q. Will I be able to upload video files created outside of Panopto?
Yes. When you create a video in Panopto, an option to upload a video will also be given.

Q. Should I continue using Collaborate for virtual classrooms?
Yes. Collaborate is still the program used to deliver virtual classrooms. Whereas, Panopto is the program used for capturing, storing, and sharing learning and teaching videos. Similar to how Mediasite was used.

In Teaching Period 2, all automated lecture recordings will be auto published. This will free up the lecturer's time and energy from having to publish automated lecture recordings and will also ensure recordings are available to students in a timely and consistent manner.

Please note that live-streaming will be piloted in Study Period 2 (for those subjects that wish to be involved).

Three 45-minute webinars will be delivered throughout June and July.

1 - 21 June: Automatic Lecture Capture with Panopto

Improvements to the automatic lecture capture process.  In this webinar we will go over:

  • The (pilot) live streaming and automatic publishing process
  • Scheduling automatic lecture captures
  • Benefits for staff and students
  • Accessing recorded lectures from the subject site
  • Available player controls
  • Communicating the process out to students
  • Using captions
  • Video analytics

1 - 21 June:  Desktop Recording with Panopto

Record teaching material from your desk. In this webinar we will go over:

  • Accessing the Panopto recorder(s)
  • Navigating the recording options
  • Sharing recordings
  • Basic editing
  • Meta data
  • Student playback
  • Video analytics

18 June - 9 July: Editing for Teaching and Learning with Panopto

New options for producing engaging video content. In this webinar we will go over:

  • Editing videos and incorporating other streams/materials
  • Making videos interactive (quizzes)
  • Video assignments
  • Captioning
  • Panopto with other learning tools
  • Innovative Panopto examples

28 July:  Teaching with Panopto video: A demonstration

Teaching with Panopto. In this webinar, Fabian Moa will demonstrate how he teaches with Panopto video.

Fabian is the Director of Teaching & Learning at Noesis Academy. Noesis is one of Southeast Asia’s leading providers of professional education, supporting learners to achieve high pass rates in an innovative technology-enabled learning environment.

In his role, Fabian oversees students’ learning experience and works closely with the faculty to ensure high standards in the delivery of the curriculum. He lectures extensively in professional certification programs such as CFA and CPA Australia in Malaysia and Singapore. He also conducts training workshops in financial modelling and risk related matters

Visit the LTSE registration page and choose from the following events:

  • Panopto Auto Lecture Capture
  • Panopto Desktop Recording
  • Panopto Editing for Teaching & Learning
  • 28 July: Teaching with Panopto video: A demonstration