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CEE Learning Design Blended Learning

Blended Learning

The term 'blended learning' refers to learning design that strategically, systematically and effectively integrates a range of face-to-face, online, mobile, distance, open, social and other technology enhanced learning across physical and virtual environments. Blended learning is informed and driven by student needs and support for desired learning activities and learning outcomes.

JCU has an institution-wide curriculum vision aligned to a blended learning approach. Blended learning simply refers to the purposeful combination of face-to-face and online activities. The combination creates a blend that optimises student engagement and the achievement of learning outcomes for particular cohorts. Purposeful decisions put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that creates an engaging learning journey that leads to student success. The design of the blend will vary according to intended outcomes, student needs, context, discipline, mode of delivery and whole-of-course considerations.

At JCU, blended subjects may be offered in internal, limited, block or placement/work experience modes. Subjects may be offered fully online in external mode.