Integrating open and licensed resources

Strategies for learning and teaching

Educators across JCU use a variety of licensed and freely available resources to supplement their in-house learning materials. It’s important to understand what types of resources are available, the conditions under which they can be used and appropriate ways to integrate them within subject and course designs.

Publisher content usually takes the form of pre-prepared teaching materials and locked proprietary content, dependent on textbook/eBook purchase or only available with access keys.

  • Check with your subject or course coordinator to make sure you are using publisher resources appropriately and consistently within your discipline.
  • Always consider the student experience when linking to third-party resources from within LearnJCU – is the process user-friendly and well-documented? Can students access appropriate help?
  • Be thorough in your understanding of specific publisher resources and explain clearly to students how they integrate with other JCU learning resources and learning activities.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, educational, assessment and research purposes. Open licensing models such as Creative Commons typically allow broader use than traditional copyright depending on the licence options.

  • Open content can reduce the amount of preparation time required to develop resources, leaving more time for focus on pedagogy, context, and teaching.
  • Rich media content such as YouTube, iTunes, SlideShare and Flickr often use audio and visual formats appealing to students and can enhance student engagement and interaction with course content.
  • Open licensing often permits reuse, revision, remixing and redistribution. With well-designed blended subjects this can provide opportunities for active student learning.

Reserve Online is JCU's central repository for past exam papers and e-learning resources such as required readings, music, moving images – DVDs, broadcasts and online video listed on subject outlines, hosted on the JCU streaming media server and available in LearnJCU. Reserve Online includes publication and metadata information for these works.

Supported technologies provides a searchable library of 3,000+ courses and 130,000+ videos on almost any topic that can be embedded into your subject site.

McGraw-Hill Connect
McGraw-Hill Connect allows you to connect your subject with your McGraw Hill account and embed online textbook content, assignments and assessments directly within your LearnJCU subject site

JCU Library licensed content (Reserve Online)

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